So Tired Of Noise Marketing In Kpop

  • Of course noise marketing (the term for when artists/companies adopt the 'all press is good press' attitude and intentionally stoke controversy to promote themselves) will always exist as a method for companies to promote artists because well it works, many groups we wouldn't have heard of if it weren't for some silly controversy that got their names in the headlines.

    What drives me crazy is why are big agencies using this tacky strategy for their artists that already have a fanbase? It's just unnecessary and cheap. All noise does is sour a comeback because instead of talking about the quality of the music people are distracted by some ridiculous controversy that could've been avoided. And for the fans they have to worry about shielding the members from the flood of hate instead of just focusing on supporting the comeback.

    The fans hate it. The non-fans hate it. I'm sure the idols hate it. So can companies just stop?

    🍒 Chee~eer~ish 🍒


  • actually

    what i see is

    the more kpop groups get criticized for their bs, the more fierce hardcore fans they earn

    kpop fans have a huge fetish for "protecting" their tiny baby faves from imaginary haters and this kinda feeds into it

    noise marketing IS better than no marketing for kpop groups

    u r m o m g a y


  • It is not bad if you run out of good music/concepts and controversy always work, specially if it only hurts a foreign country, we all know Kfans don`t give 2 f*cks for international controversy

    did blackpink release a new album today?'s tweet - "#LALISA ACAB, aquí solo  respetamos a la POLISA " - TrendsmapID BI****S


  • Noise marketing is a powerful drama inducing tool reserved for the absolute top-tier groups with serious brand power. The crazy part is that kpop fans crave it and do it for them while the companies just sit back and relax. Not all groups are powerful enough to benefit from it.

  • if you want noise marketing to flop, then don't pay attention to it.

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  • Welp!! When these groups with minimal talent that don't have much else to offer but looks....I can't get mad at them for the noise marketing strategy.

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