Treasure have one of best bond/relationship among rookie groups

  • I don't see a lot Treasure threads so let me do an appreciation thread.

    I think Treasure relationship is one of best if not the best among rookie groups. I love how they make sure none of them is put aside and how they geniunely care each other.

    I don't think I saw controversy about their relationship since debut and even predebut.

    Btw, I miss Yedam and Mashiho. The group seems incomplete without them but I hope they take care of themselves and will comeback stronger.

    If it doesn't work, don't care and start again - Treasure

  • I super love their bond. They feel more like family. That's why I enjoy watching their interactions. They really seem to care a lot and look out for each other 💕

  • On a side note a fan saw Mashiho a few days ago at Iga Ueno Castle in Mie, his hometown. They didn't take a pic out of respect for Mashi being on hiatus. They said he was smiling and looked happy with his family.

    I'm not sure what his health problems are, and some are saying it may not even be him but a family member having health problems. I'm just glad YG gave him the time off he needed.

    I think a lot of fans were confused as to why Mashiho and Yedam couldn't just take a hiatus between comebacks and not have to announce it...but at the time we didn't know the last 4 month stretch has easily been their busiest stretch since their debut...

    they've done 3 or 4 festivals, 2 performances at special events, 2 overseas concerts, 2 endorsement campaigns and 2nd anniversary events and TMI and Treasure Map. So no wonder YG had to announce Yedam and Mashiho's hiatus.

    And they still have the Seoul concert, comeback and Japanese tour. And probably some things we don't even know about yet.

  • I think it was their bond that made me stan them in the first place. :pepelove1:

    They show their bond via T-map, aside from showing their chaotic hilarious mess. :pepe-joy:

    They treat each other like brothers and remember to care and support those who are quiet and whenever one of them are feeling down or lack of confident. These kind of interactions made my heart warm and wanna protect these kids from all the negativity that they have been facing since even before they even debut. :send-love-bunny::cutes:

  • The first reason I fell in love with treasure (predebut) was thanks to their amazing chemistry.

    The members are all so loveable and are so close, it's impossible not to like them. Their bond is really so strong, seeing them help and threat each other as brothers is heartwarming <3

    As for mashiho and yedam, I can't wait for the moment they come back to the rest of the group. I miss them a lot :sob-bunny:

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