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    I already stated it in the other quote, but their releases are still little and by this time of the year they could be having a second cb, not their first cb.

    And Rosé, Bobby, Seungyoon and SechSkies is little too as we could be having way more active artists having at least one cb, YGE have solo artists too inside the groups.

    Yeah. 1st Quarter was pretty packed with comebacks and debuts (I forgot to mention iKON's comeback) I will take an empty 2nd Quarter if that means quality comebacks the 2nd half of the year.

    We're only 4 weeks into the 3rd Quarter and we have a multi-tiered comeback project from AKMU, a date for Somi and Lisa having just filmed her MV.

    Of course everything else is speculation, but I think new music will be a part of BLACKPINK's project, TREASURE talked about their comeback on the last episode of TMAP, iKON recorded a song Donghyuk wrote. I also believe GD will make his long-awaited comeback, he's stated he's written music since getting discharged.

    I believe the new girl group will not debut this year.

    Edit: Yoshi also might've worked in iKON as well...if the K in iKON didn't stand for "Korean."

    Another fun fact. Yoshi is part Korean. His grandparent is known as Zainichi Korean, Koreans who immigrated and became permanent residents of Japan during WWII.

    That predebut video of him in a news report at a school shows him as a student at a Korean International school in Japan in which students grow up with partly a Korean identity.

    The biggest loser here is treasure because they will end up not attracting more fans

    They're already in the top 10 most-subscribed boy groups on YouTube and the 3rd most-subscribed in the 4th gen less than a year after debut.

    Horrible second year in terms of music. and their gp popularity is already horrible.

    As is 99.9% of boy groups and 100% of 4th gen boy groups have zero gp popularity.

    But YG pretty much stated from the beginning that the K-charts are unimportant for TREASURE...since YGTB YG said TREASURE was going to be fandom focused.

    All the financial reports that come out with experts are saying YG is focusing on fandom-driven activities...all labels are since that's where the money is. K-charts have become secondary.

    Almost no one released music and it seems they will put all acts to release something in these last 5 months...

    Anyone who's fans of YG artists would dispute that.

    Music wise Rose, Seungyoon, Bobby, Sechs Kies and now AKMU have released music this year.

    I quite enjoyed all of those releases.

    It's true they didn't release anything Q2, but it looks like they were preparing for a flood of releases in Q3 starting with AKMU, which is quite a large project.

    Promotion wise TREASURE, IKON, Rose, Mino have been all over varieties on TV and Seungyoon is shooting a drama as well as Jisoo wrapping up her movie.

    Nah. They just had a comeback 6 months ago and a Japanese album with a Japanese MV 4 months ago. I don't recall any YG artist besides BIGBANG getting a completely original Japanese MV.

    Also WINNER and iKON didn't release anything the year following their debuts...iKON had "WYD" but it wasn't promoted.

    This was a result of WINNER and iKON immediately going on massive tours after their debuts. Due to the pandemic, it's not possible for TREASURE.

    Also TREASURE has gotten almost a year and a half and 2 seasons of their reality show with 57 episodes.

    WINNER got 1 season of a reality show when they debuted, and iKON got one in their 4th year after debut.

    Yedam, Junkyu, Jeongwoo and Jihoon have been doing varieties.

    Also there seems to be a constant stream of endorsements and ads TREASURE is doing. LINE/Truz, Manyo Cosmetics, Shopee. They were filming another one when Doyoung got COVID.

    So there is a constant stream of content.

    I'm a fan of all 3 groups. YG has definitely taken a more traditional idol approach with TREASURE than they did with WINNER and iKON. So I don't see them similar at all.

    I've always followed YG, so I tend to know about them way before they debut. Although, even the biggest YG insiders had no idea about the Japanese trainees. Everyone's jaws were on the floor when they appeared on YGTB. YG did an excellent job keeping them a secret for years.

    Even TREASURE members have shared about meeting them way before debut when they came to Korea.

    I guess it goes all the way back to Yedam on Kpop Star.

    I knew about Silver Boys...Yedam, Junkyu, Hyunsuk and CIX's BX (Byoungon) and Seunghun along with YG producer Millennium who was a trainee. There was a rumor they were "Team C" on "Who Is Next" but the show just included Teams A and B, who became WINNER and iKON.

    There were also rumors that Junkyu almost became a part of iKON.

    I remember seeing Jihoon and Doyoung when YG brought them on to JYP's show to go up against what eventually became Stray Kids.

    Of course Jihoon left YG and started training under AXIS, the company started by former YG creative director SINXITY. But YG invited him back for YGTB

    And of course Hyunsuk has a long history at YG.

    But they all have different histories. Some, like Hyunsuk, Junkyu, Jihoon, Doyoung, Haruto, Mashiho and Yoshi trained at YG for 4-5 years before debut...8 years in Yedam's case.

    Others like Jaehyuk, Jeongwoo and Junghwan had only trained under YG for literally just a few months before YGTB. Jaehyuk had gotten offers and streetcasted from SM and JYP before accepting YG's invitation.

    They just renewed their contract with YG. I'm glad YG is showing their commitment to AKMU just like AKMU showed their commitment to YG. And they're only 22 and 24 years old. They're going to have long careers.

    Like AKMU said when they renewed with YG, they're able to do anything they want and given all the resources in the world that you can't get at 99% of the other labels.

    All their MVs are like Hollywood movies.

    Their relationship with YG people and Yang Hyunsuk specifically has always been good. On one his rare leaves from the notoriously difficult marines while serving his mandatory military enlistment, Chanhyuk visited YHS.


    Damn TREASURE. Their numbers are crazy.

    Their growth potential is enormous. Because everyone else in the Top 5 are established. TREASURE hasn't even really gotten started yet so their room to grow is bigger.

    If they were a stock, you'd buy TREASURE.

    And BLACKPINK is just casually sitting there hitting numbers even without a comeback.

    For reference, TREASURE was #6 last year having debuted with only 4 months left in the year.


    They're #5 now.


    I really like his voice. It's so unique. I feel like we're missing his style of music in K-music.

    I'm eager to see which producers and writers he worked with.

    HardcoreBLINK do you know who he worked with for this release?

    I never pay attention to lyrics even in English songs. I stopped looking up English translations in Kpop songs because things get lost in translation a lot and the meaning changes and it's just too confusing. A lot of times even English words are used wrongly in Kpop songs.

    These are the composers. One of the few songs YG outsourced and bought. The composers are American, British and Swedish..

    The funny thing is the girl says that they had a girl group in mind when writing the song and the original chorus was "MMM Yaaaassss" LOL

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    The first thing I noticed about Jaehyuk is he wants to be everyone's friend. You can tell he hates seeing anyone left out. In the beginning before debut when Asahi was quiet and shy and wanted to fade into the background, Jaehyuk wouldn't allow him to and literally threw his arms around him and included him on everything.

    He has a beautiful heart.

    I think people have trouble understanding that 'BIG 3' aren't the three richest/biggest companies. It's the ones who historically shaped the kpop industry.


    At this point I don’t care what people think of YG… they kinda earned their reputation (they once had the best lol)… it’s more the fact that people wanna use YG’s lack of revenue or profit to come at their Groups .., ESPECIALLY BP.

    Well certainly anyone that says that don't know what they're talking about

    Ifans never realize YG is a multinational conglomerate. They have a dozen subsidiaries and are in different industries and invested in different industries. They're one of the biggest actor management companies in Korea. So they're more than a music label.

    And don't look now, but last Friday YG surpassed JYP in market cap and will most likely end the day surpassing SM as well.

    Also I've sort of had a backlog of articles I haven't posted yet because I haven't had time.

    Kpop is basically splitting into 2 alliances:

    YG/BigHit/Naver vs. SM/JYP/Kakao

    I was going to post a thread but haven't had time. Basically each side have invested with each other and platforms. In fact some news came out just now about the BigHit company YG invested in, Venew. And of course BH invested in YG's subsidiary YGPlus who distributes music for BH now.

    In turn,YG is now on Weverse and JYP recently announced they're on SM's Bubble.

    Of course there's Naver's influence in the entire technology and entertainment industry. They already have an extremely close relationship with YG, the founder's son being an artist of THEBLACKLABEL not withstanding. Naver owns VIBE streaming with YG, started a real estate development company with YG and is building a VFX/SFX studio with YG and Big Hit on land purchased by YG in which online concerts (Venew) will be held.

    Of course Kakao is about to buy out LSM's shares and be the largest stakeholder in SM.

    Although Naver owns shares of SM but has larger shares in YG.

    Anyway, the above 6 companies are positioning themselves to monopolize entertainment in Korea, not just Kpop.

    If you're not a part of it, it just became extremely difficult.

    At this point I see 'Orange' being on the same level as a title song. The members talk about how much they love it all the time. It's such a 90s throwback feel. And it's already popular among the fandom and the views for the official performance is on the level of a regular MV.

    So I don't really consider 'Orange' a B-side anymore.

    Once I saw the performance of 'Slowmotion' it really threw my ranking off. This performance totally changed the song for me. It's now my favorite B-side and the vocalists really showed out.

    It's the only time they ever performed it. The choreography is great. Junkyu and Jeongwoo's parts especially gives chills.

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