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  • So.. There's a blizzard happening right now.. Just came here to tell you that lmao! just a couple of days ago we were in the double digits! +14! now it's gone to shit!?!?

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    • Blizzard? :peperun: Stay safe over there! :pepe-cringe:

      You really have some crazy weathers going around. :-D

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    • Ikr haha at least work isn't a far walk keke

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    • You still went to work? I would have applied for sick leave or something. :pepe-hehe:

      Sorry for the late reply. I'm just halfway working and replying some stuff here n there. Lol

      I'm still working from home. Already more than a year though, kinda feels like I want to go back to work at my office. I miss interacting with people face to face. :pepe-sad:

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    • Haha!

      It's okay :D I'd be such a couch potato if I had to stay home that long >_> You're probably like a yummy couch potato :0

      Bah I hate people coming face to face with me I prefer to work alone and my new supervisor is pushing for teamwork but he doesn't wanna be a team player himself the jerk -_-

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    • Hahaha.. yea, already a couch potato now.. lol..

      I've been gaining weight cos stay at home for too long and didn't walk much. :pepe-sad:

      Oh lol.. I am okay with working with people I guess. Sometimes I need my space but sometimes human interaction is important to help me release stress. :-D

      Oops.. it's difficult when you have a not so nice boss. It's always one of the factors that made ppl resign from their jobs. lol

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  • MaMa :lover2:
    Choild has woken up with a sore throat :boredr:
    i ate a banana, poptarts, and a small spoon of honey :mukbang:
    the honey did the trick :smirks:
    but i gagged within 10 seconds ;(<X
    i hate honey :pepe-cross::pepe-cross::pepe-cross:
    im bout to get cough Syrup :froghype::pepelove1::yesr::siptear:

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    • I replied you in our guild. Hope you will feel better soon, my child. <3

      Try drink honey + lemon in a cup of water. Maybe it won't taste so disgusting for you? :pepelove1:

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    • Thank you
      i took the cough syrup and a great nights sleep
      im feeling much better!
      and ill try the honey lemon water next time! :lover3::lover3::lover3:

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  • Hey you sorry I deleted the post I just didn't want anybody reading on what I said but in reply I told you I'd feed you well :O))

  • thanks for the akorns :pepelove1:

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  • thanks for the follow :groovins:

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  • Thanks for the follow!

    Who are the cutest male idols in kpop? - Page 2 - The K-Lounge - allkpop  forums

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    • You are welcome. Thanks for follow too! :blushing::blowing-kiss:

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  • :pepe-daddy::pepelove2:

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    • :pepelove2::pepelove1:

    • i have never had an actual convo with you let me make a chat a with you <3

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    • Hahaha.. we didn't? How are you? Not studying or working? :groovins:

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    • i'm on break rn so no no studying

      Oh wait we had a conversation about you adopting me

      I almost forgot

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    • Ooo nice.. when will i ever get a break from work.. :pepe-comfy:

      Oh yes we did! I forgot we said that.. lol.. so, was our adoption a success or not? you sent me a mummy pic and we ended at that.. :pepe-hehe:

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  • can i get some akorns ;(

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  • helllo hello

    • Ello ello :shake-it:

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    • hru?

      crazy love — cutest koala

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    • Aww.. thanks for brightening up my wall. :lover1:

      I’m good but hungry.. lol.. How are you? :-)

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    • he is so cute

      ooo you should go eat

      i'm pretty good thanks for asking

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    • yes, junkyu is such a cutie pie.. I especially love him when they play running man in t-map.. :-D

      Drinking hot choc before I head to bed.. lol

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  • Ur Kitty is a Bengal right!
    and hello all the way from America!
    i think the most interesting thing about fans is that they can be from any country
    What is Malaysia like!

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    • I have no idea what breed is my cat.. Lol.. Does it look like a bengal? :-D

      She was a stray cat who kept hanging out at my balcony throughout the pandemic lockdown. We decided to adopt her cos she was getting bullied by the other bigger cats. ;(

      She was 6 months old then and now she’s 1 year old. Do you have a cat too?

      Hello from Malaysia! Glad to make friends from other countries. :*

      Malaysia is a food heaven cos we have different cultures here. Sad thing is we don’t have 4 seasons. I wish we can play with snow. Lol.. :wilds:

      How is America? :-)

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    • Yes Ur Kitty does Look like a Bengal!
      and awwe!
      I do have a Kitty
      he is a Tabby! hes 11 or 12 years old in human years
      Im a very cultural person! i love to meet and talk to people from other countries! <3
      So u guys r a Food Haven! I might just drop on by!
      Aww! No Winter! winter is amazing! its warmer correct?
      America is nothing but a Mess!
      a big big big mess!
      people from around the world say its the best country in the world, but its not!
      its nothing but political talk, racisms, crazy shit, we are a country that is just as bad as some other places around the world, we aren't supieror to anyone else!
      i wanna move to England, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Japan, or Korea maybe!

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    • Ooh, thanks! Maybe next time I go to the vet, I’ll try to ask if they can check the breed. Lol

      Just googled tabby cat. I think mine look similar, so she might be a tabby cat as well. ^^

      Yes, after pandemic is all done, you should come to visit. A lot of tourists came here just for the food. Lol.. yeap, we only have all year round summer. it’s hot and humid which I kinda hate we have a lot of rain at the year-end and we get floods here n there. :-D

      Hahahaha.. I think politicians always screw up the countries.. we have some pretty corrupted and dumb ones here too. :pepe-peek:

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    • oMg yEs
      bUt i bEt uR pOliTiciANs aRe wAy bEtTeR tHaN oUrS
      im also terrible with heat!
      im better with cold climate!

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    • Some politicians said to drink hot water to prevent getting covid. So, I think the dumbness might be on par. :pepe-joy:

      Yes, it's worse when it's hot and humid. Urgh.. But good thing is Malaysia has various some islands. So, it works out with the hot weather. :-)

      My vacation destinations are always cold weather so that I can escape the heat. Lol

      Hope the pandemic ends soon so that we can all go travelling again. :wilds:

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  • Why no pfp???

  • thanks for the follow bb !

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    • welcome and thanks for follow too! :claps:

  • thanks for the folllow :blowing-kiss:

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  • :shake-it:

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