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    Eunbi: doubts about if her relationship and future plans have been shifted because of situations that has ended. A change that has to do with someone hiding and being sneaky. Someone from SM

    Sakura: She is getting messages from a lot of guys, she is eye candy to men who has a interest into her culture. She might be mysterious and want to be hidden. She is not really paying attention to those guys. Has a-lots of guy friends. Single(she wish being best idol with no dating )

    Hyewon: I can feel that she is dating she is satisfied with her situation as if her wishes has been fulfilled. Feeling emotionally fulfilled with the person who takes the risk to date. She was also a bit hesitant and worried about the outcome. But she will still wanted to move the relationship to the next level. There are unfairness and heart and mind are not aligned. That cause her to act careless to her partner. SM

    Yena: She is in a romantic relationship with someone who is very popular with the girls. They don’t see each other for a while but one of them is planning to give a materialistic offer. The guy might sometimes act young and say easily what is on his mind. They are planning to see each other very soon. SM

    Chaeyeon: she takes some step backwards because she might feel she has to juggle with two things. Her career and her and the person who have romantic feelings for her. She might feel stuck about what she is gonna do with it. Because she has everything what she wants right now. But she has think about to give up on her single life. JYP(break up)

    Chaewon: I feel that she to move on and heal from an ex. She is feeling satisfied right now and she has new ideas and seeing new truths. She is balanced heart and mind. She might have a wish that will come out very soon. Someone that is waiting for her to meet. She is single now but she is ready for someone better. JYP(she love being in relationship)

    Minju: she might be angry because of the situation. She is not wanting to leave her position. She is single and beautiful to the public eye. She is abundant and loves her position. She is cautious about dating and she might want to control her feelings. Feeling overwhelmed. She will say straight to the point she is not interested. Single

    Nako: she moved away from a situation and it suddenly unexpected change happen. That will mind blowed her world. She takes her rest and takes time alone to rethink about the situation. She is observing the situation and she feels that there is someone who was interfering in her relationship. She wants to give up on it. She will need to learn that obstacles will help her walk through the right direction and she will be able to see the truthfulness of her situation. SM

    Hitomi: she had been in karmic relationship, a relationship that she was in was something that she has to learn. I hurts her and it made her sad. She is trying to take control of her life and focus on her wish and stay positive while controlling her feelings and emotions. Single

    Yuri: she is in a romantic relationship the relationship was fast and quick. They compromise and avoiding conflict very often. Her boyfriend is childish and youthfull and adventurous. He might be around 19-20. JYP

    Yujin: She might find her soulmate already, she might want to choose this opportunity. He might also be not Korean. Idol but chinese or japanese background. She is pure and take this relationship serious and slowly. SM

    Wonyoung: she might receive a love offer from someone who she feels the same romantic interest. It was slowly and stagnant but she had finally takes her guard downs and enjoy the new phase of her life. The person who give her that offer sees her very up high, putting her on a pedestal. That will make him feel defeated and lose control. He might deal with some jealousy or self esteem issues. JYP.(break up)

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