It's weird...

  • Sometimes I feel sad, when I write sad stuff...

    Like there was this day, when I decided to write a sad scene in my "novel" (if it becomes a novel or not, I don't know)

    and afterwards, I was thinking: "Dang, I need something to cheer me up" after finishing writing that scene.

    But well... I have also something written about about stuff that angered me and then I felt kind of angry after writing it.

    It was more like me writing about the memory of my male classmates teasing me for having anger issues.

    I guess it was because the memory of it made me feel angry.

    BTW I'm not feeling any anger right now. (I'm kind of brushing that emotion away)

    Well... I don't feel any emotion after writing this thread...

  • I think it's natural for all of us to feel certain emotions when writing or thinking about something. If you think about a happy memory, you'll feel a sense of happiness. Same goes for all other emotions.

    I think it's good that you're writing your thoughts down, it's very beneficial in a lot of ways.

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