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  • Hello!

    • hey what's up? did you change your username?

    • I'm kinda fine


      I was banned on @jasque one year ago

      But staff forgave me already

    • really? you don't seem like the type that would get banned. i guess i better be careful then. i think one of the mods already hates me or something

    • lol trust me, it was my fault

      But my thing happened more on dms and the staff was angrier back then

      If you want to troll, I advise you to be careful with things that are extremely controversial

      Like the stuff that got drew and teshubs banned

    • oh they monitor dms too? that's good to know. well i guess i don't have to worry too much since i'm not really a troll. people just think i am for some reason. i can't really do anything about that. i'm glad the staff forgave you and let you back on the site. i like the drunk threads

  • :mina3:

    • oh a mina stan. woman of culture, i see

    • yes ofc :)

    • i hope she's up next after nayeon does her solo

    • that sounds possible, honestly. but i'll be happy regardless of who it is, tbh.

      im zuzu btw... in case you didn't know... for whatever reason

    • hi zuzu. i like the name. it sounds cool. like something an anime character would have. mine's just kinda eh but it works i guess

  • Who else does your grandma Stan? I’m interested hehe

    LOL 1