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  • I don't think you remember me but I remember you.

    • I don't really remember users. Do uou remember how/when/for what we interacted?

    • we intereacted a lot in another forum I can't say it's name since its censor, we used to shit on (G)-idle together ;( and talk about Shinee and dreamcatcher. i think my username was mitsy in other forum.

    • oh yesss I remember <3 It's nice to see you again. A lot of time passed, how are you? What have you been up to?

    • Lmao, I thought you weren't going to remember me. I agree , we haven't talked in a while. I have been good, thanks for asking. As for what I have been up to umm just schooling, I'm in my high school senior year so I'm getting ready to go to college next year, How about you Tomomi? If I remember correctly you were in college right? I can't remember exactly if it was you but umm you were studying art?

    • I actually I moved to the canary islands (gran canaria) this july. And in October I'm going to attend a cinema school here in Las Palmas. I stopped going to school during corona, It was a very stressful time for me and my family so I just stopped. But now we all feel better and we're ready to start another chapter of our life.

  • Hii

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    • hi, how are you?

    • hii, i'm doing okay, i have exams tmrw tho until friday so it'll be a busy week for me :emotionalpepe: wbu?

    • omg which subject are you studying for your test?

      I don't feel really good physically but the rest is ok

    • for today, i have christian education and math..

      oh really? you should go rest :comfort-bunny:

    • omg two tests... go luck

      Luckly I'm feeling better today :)

  • I recognised your sig so:

    I've been trying to listen to more 2nd gen, including tvxq/jyj(?). Do you have any recommendations for someone to new to them? It's fine if you don't have any <<3

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    • yea sure, I'm more into OT5 TVXQ, but I like TVXQ's works after the split too and I love Changmin solo music, I still need to listen to Jyj, so I can't really help you with that at the moment. Since TVXQ have nearly 20 years worth of discography, they tackled a lot of genres and styles... May I ask you if you already listened to some of their songs?

    • I love balloons and hi ya ya, rising sun too. i also like mirotic and crazy love.

    • great, so, I think you would like "Wrong Number" - a late 00s rnb tune which was the titletrack for their 4rth repackaged album (the one with Mirotic)

      Then, If you liked Rising sun, you can try "Triangle" featuring Boa and TRAX - It's a song that mixes a classical sample, a pop structure and metal. Rising sun has some heavy moments to, so I think you would appreciate it.

      "Hug" is their debut song, it's a sugary 00s pop song, It's a solid track

      as bsides I like "Dangerous Mind" and "Hey!(don't bring me down)"

      OT2 TVXQ songs I'd recomend are "Something", "Spellbound", "The Chance of Love" and "Catch me"

    • Ight I'll tyr them out, danke!!!!!! <<3

    • great ^^

  • Hi! Can you please vote for this? It's only one click and would really help

    Thank you :ak_chuusoft: <3

  • Tomomi! How are you? I was wondering if you would be willing to join a SHINee guild here?

    • Hey I'm allright wbu? Yes I am always ready for a SHINee guild ^^

    • I am doing good also! and Yay! We would love to try to recreate a guild here we just need 5 people.

    • there are many shawols here, I think we're going to make it

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  • Hey!!! :lover3:

    How are you?

    How do you like the new forums?