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    I figure it's a small group of fans or even just one fan of means.

    The things about the truck is that I have seen korean twitter NJ fans say they don't know where the truck came from. And we'll, three Korean Twitter accounts don't represent the whole Fandom lol.

    Regardless it could have been a small group of Korean fans, a journalist or maybe the boogieman idk. I just find the imagery of a hybe employee calling a truck company hilarious

    from what i saw awhile ago she claims illit copied their mv, make up, hair, dancing, you name it. whether or not that was media play or she actually said why everyone said if they copied so did tws and riize and that's how everyone is getting dragged. there's so much he said she said i don't know fact from fiction. this is just entertainment at the moment. lol

    What i find also incredible is that remember how her first crazy statement was she accused illit of copying new jeans and hybe didnt respond and launched the audit?

    Well hybe pulled out the receipts...she lied.

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    They did respond and she confirmed it. She's so stupid that I'm in awe

    It was written by her vp, on their company computers, in her company. They have said from the beginning it was her VP doing this and do you think her VP can do this shit under her nose and she have no idea?

    Also mediaplaying????

    I'm done talking to you. I'll look for the article because they straight up said they are going to take her to court to get her removed and idk what to tell you but if you get taken to court based on corporate espionage that is a crime.

    Yes im aware if shared that data with investors its illegal but there has been no proof of those claims

    Hybe has released a picture of their document with their take over plan.

    Hybe has also said over and over that they have proof and are taking this to court. Do u think they just said that for shits and giggles and are gonna try to convince the judge with a cock and bull story?😭

    It's interesting that one party in this dilemma has specific accusations of serious corporate crimes and straight up says we have proof while the other person released two shoddy statements painting her in a bad light where she says, I didn't do that and she offers NO statement of proof.

    True, it make no sense for hybe to do this but so many unknown artist go viral or chart well, even with rize or when txt did well in their last cmb knetz didn't question it

    U can go to o any kforums right now and all the comments arent but question of how this song is so high, some even not knowing the name of the song

    Anybody can take this as "u are hater" and any type of excuses, but if a song it's truly viral the first one to praise it it's knetz, like they did with nj, Ive or even rize, this isn't the same case

    U do realize you are just getting selectively translated posts from these forums right? Pannchoa doesn't even translate all the comments.

    Secondly, when the song was first rising there were countless posts translated by pann and the qoo accounts with knetz cheering them on. Countless trending posts about their visuals too. Shinyu and Dohoon especially.

    All it took was one OP to make a thread and say they are doing sajaegi with evidence that boils down to, why are they so high idk know them? And for u lot to run with south Korea doesn't know them?

    There are people in that same pann thread and other threads that were defending and debunking the claims but they didnt get translated. Nor do they ever appear in these 90% of korea doesnt know them narratives. Like idk how many times I need to say this but internet forums do not=all of south korea.

    These people can be stans of other groups and could be jealous just like the rest of you all on akp. So unless u can explain to me the difference between the five minute chart, 24hits and the top 100 please stop strongly claiming its is chart manipulation based on: I think it is, I have never seen the song and I believe the comments of chronically online people such as myself who are more truthworthy because they are KOREAN

    I always wonder if me and a couple of my other Americans friends say stray kids bottled billboard and it was translated to Korean, would they believe me and say:


    Like guys. These plagiarism accusations have no ground. It is literally people just saying it's rising high and they don't like it with some lies and exaggeration. People the Afamed pann thread had have called out the absurdities but ofc that wasn't translated!

    So I just want to rest my case and say. Sajaegi does not look like this. Across every platform. Tws is not nugu group made from a company located it a basement. They are from a big corporation and the little brother for svt. They had initial support and interest that got them 200+ on melon daily. The rising was due to their own efforts and pledis choosing their debut at the most perfect time. So please, are yall not tired.

    If they someone hit number one will we have five threads on akp?

    I don't understand what the evidence is?

    I kid u not, the evidence is: Random korean internet user notices it has been rising and gaining unique listeners and finds that strange😭

    Like this is really just the Korean equivalent of me making a thread on allkpop saying: Hmmmm this charting is suspicious like why is it rising so much? I have never heard of the song. They just debuted the other day. Hmmmmmm

    Then someone translates the thread and cherry picks everyone agreeing with me instead of people not

    Wait a minute...

    GGs get pre orders without showing music and no one bats an eye. (Unless its Le sserafim thats were being dragged for this same reason a few months ago.)

    Hell even in nmixx case they got pre orders without showing members, group name, NOTHING. And that's fine.

    But a gg gets pre orders after showing music, concept, members and names and all of a sudden it's scary?

    Yall are such hypocrites but we move.