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    ok, I finally read pages 17-24. Belift filing a lawsuit against MHJ is interesting. I have to say that one sublabel suing the CEO of another is MESSY, that little family persona they likely wanted is crumbling (assuming it hasn't been a pile of dust since this started). The timing is terrible (maybe on purpose? who knows)

    Corporate life is HELL right out of school and it makes you want to quit until you realize every job is like this until you rise in ranks. I'm glad those days are behind me (glad they're behind you too).

    Yeah, I haven't understood the argument that they're wrong for wanting special treatment. When you have good employees you treat them well so they stay, and New Jeans is beyond performing well. If you had an employee making you millions, you'd probably buy them a car if they wanted one and pay the gift taxes for them too.

    But this is essentially looking at your best employee and going "Hey I'm going to have you take unpaid leave for 18 months. Some of your work in the next 18 months may go to this new employee who seems promising but doesn't necessarily have the same trajectory as you. Oh, and you may end up not come back to the same success due to the time you're taking off, but you don't get to come back earlier. Sorry :red-heart: . Don't worry though, we still value you!"

    I'd be gone faster than meatballs at a baby shower.

    I'm too lazy to figure out the context of this (I'm sure it's in the last 8 pages), but this made me chuckle because it's the realest take. Privilege exists in every industry, and if you think otherwise you're in for a rude awakening when you join the workforce.

    I'm one of the top performers in my department at my firm and I'm good at networking (a skill I had to bust my ass off to develop as I hate networking). As a result, I get to charge higher rates, work from home most days, and have more freedom in general regarding my tasks.

    And tbh, having privilege doesn't mean it wasn't earned and it often comes from hard work. I used to bill 80 hours a week for the first few years and was doing a lot of the busy work that got thrown to me by people higher up.

    They even gave it a name :pepe-joy: And not just any name but 1945.

    Army are literally writing a nazi movie plot at this point :boompepe:

    Most of us come from a more Eurocentric view of dates b/c Asian history isn't required in education in the West outside of learning that Japan bombed Pearl Harbour (and they don't even mention that we put Asian Americans in internment camps as a result), so assuming it's alluding to Nazis is a fair assumption. But, for future reference, Korea gained independence from Japan on August 15th, 1945, so the date is likely alluding to that ( it's their independence year, so I guess it symbolizes that this will be the year they free themselves from Hybe's evil clutches).

    edit: I read up and someone already corrected you, apologies for mentioning it twice

    That being said this whole thing is giving kdrama, and if anyone was stupid enough to save a document like that to a work laptop, I'll sell my car.

    Anyway, I need people to clarify the potential outcomes if MHJ wins her injunction, because now there is an unsubstantiated rumor that Hybe could dismiss her regardless, when that is not what people said the past 2 weeks.

    Unless SK is truly that corrupt, ignoring an injunction is an arrestable offense and the guilty party could face jail time. However, based on this information on what the injunction is about

    This is a hearing on whether the usual order of things (firing/trial for firing without due cause/result) would be prejudiciable to ador as a company and as such if HYBE should wait until MHJ's actual trial has gone through before deciding to fire MHJ.

    In some ways, as far as this hearing is concerned, HYBE is the one on "trial".

    They can (and will based on the fact that they still want to move forward despite the backlash they've gotten for weeks now) dismiss her if they win the trial against MHJ (though god knows how that'll play out in court). I'd say the possible outcomes are:

    (this is speculation)

    • She wins the injunction hearing and they still go to trial, so we have more of this nonsense potentially until October/November (it could be shorter though)
    • She wins the injunction hearing, and Hybe and Ador reach a mediated agreement (this would require some maturity and foresight on BSH/PJW's end though so I'm not sure how likely that is).
    • She wins the injunction, but Hybe removes the other directors as tetetete said, and they try to remove her later down the line
    • She loses the injunction, is fired, and doesn't fight back (that's unlikely)
    • She loses the injunction, is fired, and sues for wrongful termination (this would then lead to the trial as Hybe would have to prove it's not wrongful, which circles back to bullet point one)
    • She loses the injunction and is, miraculously, not fired (this is the true wild card option), so then hybe either follows point 2 of mediation or point one of a trial

    So basically, who knows what'll happen but let's hope this ends before we get to thread number 6 :meme-hide-the-pain:

    I feel like it's just a bit of a competitive time for a comeback, but even so, that shouldn't matter if you look at their track record.

    This song is similar to Baddie in the sense that it deviates from the songs you typically associate with them and I think that may be the biggest reason for the results they're seeing. It sucks b/c a group should be able to explore and expand their sound, but it's not like similar things haven't happened with other groups (the Itzy switch up to this day still blows me away).

    Illit member account following nj anti. It's trending on Korean forums

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    someone forgot to log into their burner it seems. place your bets on who it was (I'm going with one of the teenagers or an intern that's absolutely getting fired)

    This is your weekly reminder that most of AKP was dogpiling on me when I said ILLIT and NJ weren't that similar, and the reaction was even worse on Reddit.

    Yet suddenly MHJ is hellspawn when she claims they copied and pasted NewJeans

    This sad attempt at gaslighting is hilarious:meme-kek:

    I can't speak for the other subs but I will say that it's been proven that r/kpop_uncensored's mods have ties to ethnonationalist hate subs so it's never surprising when you go there and it's just an echo chamber.

    edit: YamaChwan here's the link about it from 6 months ago. The sad thing is that the sub actually grew after this came to light.

    can hybe acquire sm again so they are also dragged into this mess cause i'm a messy bitch like that

    I will personally fly to Korea and light Hybe and dispatch on fire myself if any SM group gets involved. There is enough going on over there without them being dragged into this.

    Honestly it becomes clearer the longer this goes on that both sides are not really ideal for the girl's best interest. Granted I won't say that's unique to them as the music industry (the entertainment industry as a whole really) worldwide thrives with exploitation of people too young or inexperienced to see the writing on the wall. But it's quite sad all the same. I can't sit here and say they'll have a good future at hybe b/c that doesn't seem likely, but I can't say any different about staying with MHJ either. It's basically just devolving into picking the least shitty side and hoping for the best in the future.

    I saw that their parents got the girls an entertainment lawyer and the petition was filed on their behalf by the lawyer before the injuction hearing started (link), so it's nice that they have a way to make their voices heard if nothing else

    Anyways I've got brunch to get to so hopefully this doesn't end up at 200 pages in the next 6 hours 😭

    Honestly it's sad they even feel the need to speak up. Then again, this should've all been handled quietly. I do wonder if they're support with help strengthen MHJ's case for this injuction (though can't say for sure as there'd have to be something in it to strengthen the case that firing her is not just and proper).

    Sorry to say this but NJ and their parents are really dislikeable in this case. Their complaints about Illit, how their biggest boss didn't say hi to their kids, how they can't survive without Min Hee Jin etc... And again it's amazed me how dumb Knetz is. Waiting for the day the court put their god mother in jail and they can leave with her after paying the penalty.

    Calling knetz dumb for siding with MHJ is needlessly disparaging. They have a more comprehensive perspective and cultural difference that influence how they view the issue (though I don't think anyone in the states would support a corporation over an individual if you look at cases like taylor swift when she was trying to get her masters back), and honestly I feel like the anger from njwns/mhj/parents is not that mystifying at all. I have an issue with people targeting the members of the Illit as they're just doing their job, but being upset that a group very similar to you with multiple instances of copying you is debuting under the same label when you're not even 3 years into your career is a valid frustration.