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    Well the BP members are desperate to break into Hollywood, and sex sells, cough cough Harvey Weinstein…..It’s always been part of BP’s image, that’s why they’re super popular on Instagram, they pretty model girls. It’s like the Kardashians, who have an even bigggerrr following than BP despite most people not knowing any of them except Kim. Just hoping the girls won’t do a sex tape like Kim though!!!!

    Honestly HYBE are idiots right now, SM is a sinking ship, no one gives a crap about their acts anymore. The made a stupidddd decision with Scooter and now all his big acts have left him. They keep making dumb ass moves. What they should have fking done is tried to recruit the BP members, yes they don’t make as much money has BTS but would have provided a good cushion for when they’re back

    I've learned some stans view these Calvin Klein deals as a way to get softcore porn from their idols first and foremost. Not, y'know, advertising women's clothing and underwear to women

    Erm, lol, who ever models for Calvin Klein is providing soft porn regardless of gender. What I find hilarious is fans like blinks acting like Jennie is solely selling female underwear to a “female” audience and act like men don’t buy underwear from the brand at all. Calvin Klein is all about sex appeal, Jennie’s basically giving a green light to all her fans to you know…….tissue time 😂

    I think part of this comes from the point of view that the male model calvin klein ads dont seem to hugely work to sell underwear to straight men. Eg Bieber. I never once saw a CK Bieber ad, with his photoshopped dick, and thought "that makes me want to wear CK undies", if anything it's the opposite. Bieber was, and is, mostly disliked by males. The ads seemed very female gaze oriented. I feel its the same for most other male ck undies ads, not just Bieber but Jungkook, Wahlberg etc. We see them as not selling to US. We see them as selling a bit of titillation to female fans of the star or maybe to our female partners and peers who will buy the undies for us.

    So us dudes kind of think that ALL the ads are selling a bit of sex and titillation

    Lol, righttttttt and having a female model like Jennie doesn’t encourage girls to present themselves in a certain way, have girls hate their figures, start awful diets, hate the way they look, get surgery. How about we start giving more of a platform to women of different sizes rather than influencers 😂

    Hahahah did Elle Korea really lie or must have extremely exaggerated 😂😂😂 it was not the biggest crowd, like come on, from the videos, it’s not a lot of people, I legit thought oh is this it…….. Lisa pulled a much bigger crowd, anddddddd lol we all know who in Dior pulled a stand still a while back, now that was impressive 😂😂😂 Honestly though, where is Lisa when you need her 😂😂😂😂😂

    Because OTG was the better and bop song than what all NJ and JK released last year. :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    Lollllllllll Seven was a crap song. But what’s more hilarious is blinks trying to push Jennie on what’s clearly a The Weekend song. Lol, just look on Spotify and see who’s on the song cover 😂😂😂 THE FKING WEEKEND. The songs dropping off now anyway, nothing impressive by The Weekend standard on Spotify, out of the top 5 already on Global. The lyrics on OTG are really disgusting as well, good thing Jennie only had like two lines in it 😂😂😂 Although her voice sounded so bland that it just merged with Lily Rose Depp’s, and you forget she’s even in the song. Honestly it was The Weekend and Lily’s song. When her new album comes out, watch it drop like flies on Spotify like You and Me did without The Weekend!!!!

    Why bother lol, the rich get richer, the biggest girl group in the world *cough* *cough* BP came from the upper and middle class, just Google it. No one bats an eye. The days of when you see an under dog and those from truly poor backgrounds making it into stardom died in the mess that is the 1st and 2nd gens 😂😂😂 Money buys you more frame, just look at the Hiltons and Kardashians 😂😂

    We all know what sells in the West 😑😑😑 nothing new, but I am sick of BP members doing this, so much for female empowerment, but honestly as long as she doesn’t appear in a stupid TV series like The Idol then all good

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    And they say TTH position don't matter lol

    Holy fuck, that is low filtered streams to be no 2. WTF happened to Spotify, is there only old shit on there currently 😂😂😂 what happened to the average 6 to 7 millions. But The Weekend has crossed over 116 million listeners and Popular is trailing below OOTG, he’s trolling all kpop fans right now 😂😂😂 And MY GOD, Lily Rose Depp has nearly 30 million ML, she’s right below Jennie, they should kiss The Weekend’s ass for giving some of his 116 million away for free. Also can’t believe Blinding Lights is the most streamed song on Spotify, no wonder he’s always over 100 million ML. It’s funny how blinks and Kpop fans in general still think their act is carrying Western Acts, when it’s obviously not the case. Like where’s any of other Jennie’s songs on Spotify 😂 And how many has The Weekend got in the top 50, like loads 😂😂😂

    Yeah downplay Jennie when her part went viral with like 400k tik toks and made the song rise..

    I guess this is what it feels like to have no brain or mental issues. Jennie part went viral which made The Weekend team push it but Jennie made that happen. The bold part is literally due to Jennie

    Hhahahah, must be nice to have no brain or mental issues either, and learn to read. I never said it went slightly viral coz of her, otherwise it would have been popular from the start LOL. It’s just a catchy tune and whoooo produced it, YEAH NOT JENNIE 😂😂😂 You’ll see once her solo releases, it’s going to have no stability, especially without Teddy. I mean You & Me was all English and has Teddy’s sound but tanked, other than SK. All blinks have is excuses and excuses, anything BP release should be topping all charts and have stability given they have barely have any songs. I mean BTS songs are pretty crap recently but look at the numbers Jimin and JK pulled on the biggest music platforms. Putting blinks to shame 😂😂😂 Just thank The Weekend for giving some of his 100 million unique listeners to her, she got well lucky 😂😂😂

    Not the biggest but he is well known... but this time, it was Jennie who helped the song a lot

    His other songs from that shitty movie didn't attract anyone and flopped

    Hahahahahahahh, another delusional blink. God, it’s all thanks to The Weekend!!!!! He’s the first artist that got 100 million unique listeners on Spotify, and just recently he become the first to cross over 114 million!!!!!! He’s like the most popular artist on Spotify LOL. Jennie didn’t even help with the initial hype like most K pop artists do, coz the streams were baddddd at the start. It’s only now it’s gone slightly viral on TikTok that his team has added it to playlists that streams are stable. Like helllooooo, POPULAR the OTHER IDOL SOUNDTRACK is just below it on Spotify. And his ancient track STARBOY is in the top 30 global 😂😂😂😂

    One word STD…… 😂😂😂😂

    Oh my god, how dareeeee youuuuuu, what about putting The Weekend in the title, it’s his song along with the Johnny Depth girl 😂 in all seriousnessssssss it’s been added to loads of playlists and lots of his old songs are charting in the top 20 and 50, is he releasing new shit or something 😂 There’s no new music on Spotify from top acts, the no 1 is only like 5 million lol, it’ll drop, such low streams to be in top 10 right now. I blame The Weekend, why the fuck is he paying for playlisting but not promoting it more on the radio. LISA will forever haveeeeee the no 1 most streamed female kpop songgggg, yayyyyyy, and that average guy JK will hit 2 billion wayyyyyy faster than BP did on YT with D4, looks like YT will always be PSY and Spotify is JK, sorryyyyyyy Jennie, BP and BTS 😂😂😂 Goooooooo and follow Lisa on instagram so the gap widens between her and Jennie!!!!!!