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    Can I also report a mod for posting wrong information?

    Official synopsis my ass

    Well said

    jISoO's dRAmA

    U cant blame me for being sceptical

    Pann usually comes up with the most ridiculous articles didnt know 41k people has signed a petition for snowdrop to be cancelled :pepe-sad:

    Honestly, your comment wasn’t that bad. Remember how the same people here used to trash pannchoa and call the knetz jobless. You can’t blame yourself for being cautious. But you didn’t downplay their concern or what’s currently happening with tv shows. So I don’t understand why the discussion should stop just because someone think we’re disrespecting the stance of knetz.

    So I went back from the very first page and read all of the comments

    Aside from hueningkaiskai 20 knetz comment ( :froghype: let’s talk later Kai). No one downplayed their concern about the portrayal of their own history. The rest of the comments are all about ‘can we wait for the drama to be out’ ‘can we wait for the plot’, then blinks discussing if they should just cancel it, and ofc the same comment as yours, spoiling the whole discussion, ‘they’re not even Koreans to comment about this’ ‘ifans only care for koreans when they dance’.

    And I seriously find that annoying. Why? Because that takes away the whole point of the thread, we are all discussing if it just better to scrap the plot, remove some part, or totally cancel it. We are actually having a decent discussion. Setting aside the false plot and just focusing on the statement of JTBC, we should not even involve knetz on this. And I believe we did not for most of the part.

    So yes don’t be a spoil sport, stop taking away the chance from people to comment on things. Just because you think their comments are stopping the other side for taking their stance. When they’re not.

    If if doesn't involve you then don't quote...? I know that many others are staying neutral and I appreciate that. My comment is for the ones that are blindly defending the plot and trying to police Knetz.

    So what’s the plot?

    That’s the problem? Do you understand why these people are “blindly” defending the plot. Because there’s no official plot released to the public? We are all in the dark here. So your comment is not necessary really.

    Some of y'all defending broadcasting corporations, writers and directors and ignoring a big part of Korea's history now...what has KPOP come to:toofunny3: Just shows that some international fans only care about Korea/Koreans when they perform and entertain them

    Oh please. A lot of people are quiet about this. No one is defending who. Do you expect us to believe leaks on the internet rather than the producer of the show?

    And a lot of people said here that we want it to be cancelled or scrapped period

    So I’m not sure where is this bullshit coming from? We are discussing here the things can be done to the show. So stop with the generic comment “oh yall”

    Well then, I’m glad this was brought to light earlier. They can cancel it to save themselves from more trouble or completely scrap out that.

    Please don’t make this a fanwar. :pepefacepalm: No one is dragging your faves here.

    And you seem uninformed about actual Korean opinions on other platforms including Twitter. They aren’t doing kumbaya with this show.

    If sponsors leaving is not an indication of how serious this issue is then I don’t know what else to say to you

    And again those claims/opinions were shut by JTBC already! The alleged plot was actually not true. The issue here now is JTBC calling it dark comedy. But how can we really know what they mean by ‘dark comedy’.

    We know it’s serious. And I understand because in any country, when history is not portrayed right, the studio will be called out.

    The problem is that you guys are still spreading that fake plot even after the clarification. For what exactly?

    I’m actually glad that this happened early as now, that the drama is not out yet. Because they can still change what they think will piss the gp.

    So what’s the basis of your claim? Are you one of the producers of the show? Or an insider? Because JTBC clearly stated that all of the leaks you guys are spreading are fake?

    “I don’t think Koreans will let JTBC get away with it.”

    You guys are dying for this to happen and it clearly shows the way you guys jump on this topic, when there’s nothing confirmed yet about the drama.

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