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    i don't know why people are arguing in this thread. they are big name group because they are big groups that made the industry.

    the only one who can claim KPOP would not. exist without them is the God father of KPOP is SEO taiji. no one else can claim that. and he passed the torched to BTS not BB not TVxQ not EXO

    TVXQ with BOA opened the gates of Japan

    BB opened the gates. of. china

    SUJU opened the gates of SEA and SA

    GG proved that girl group can go head to head with boy group

    EXO made it happen for more humane contract

    TWICE started the next hallyu wave in Japan and the influx of foreign idols

    BTS opened the gates of the whole world (I admit I'm bitter but. it is them nobody can deny, anyone who denies is delusional)

    BP proved it that girl groups can also stand in the international stage

    To answer you OP, I think its Jennie. You can see it from how she is always put in the center, how she always starts the songs, how her face is plastered all across Korea. Bc when people think of BP a lot of people think of her first. Jennie is the face of the group, a good one at that.

    Also, only among blinks will a troll pit two members of the same group together and people will fall for the bait, start fighting with each other and dragging the members...

    finally a sensible Lisa fan. it just that some Lisa fan can't understand the dynamics of BP. they can't get it over their head that jennie is the star and Lisa is the dancer. well I love all the girls but it is undisputed that jennie is the face of BP

    people are not expecting them. to abandon that druggie or anything. they just want BTOB to have some tact and decency. it is ok to communicate with him privately but this blatant display is like a slap in the face to the fans like they don't care. it is illegal to do in Korea whatever these bs iFans says. but K melodies are the one who basically feeds BTOB.

    In all honesty it's jennie. Lisa wish she could. the only reason she can promote in China is because she is thai. if there are no much feud with kor-chi jennie would be headlining that show.

    and for real. Lisa fans are mostly akgae and destroying the fandom with constant attack to other fans. that don't worship Lisa. who is basically plastic surgeoned her way to kpop. props to her she dance better than jennie

    What :cryingr:

    well its true. kai looks like a homeless person beside heechul. and the visual line of twice are more famous with boys than my girlies. thankfully kai is good in bed with all those hip thrust in his. choreography made Jenny wrecked that is why she dance lazily in solo era.

    twice my have the crown for cummalative album sales but jennie and the girls take the cake for average. hopefully they promote together. I miss jennie nayeon interaction

    so how. much is addiddas revenue?? you see you totally ignored it as it is a flaw on your argument. lol. projecting elitism with brands but BTS are getting snubbed

    You're gonna need to show me where he was calling himself Gucci boy

    They all wore imitations when the company was poor

    I'm sure he is doing just fine without a Gucci deal, there's no big struggle for it on his end. It's perfectly fine with me if he isn't doing that stuff, I don't follow him for his modelling.

    go search for it I don't have the time to look at BTS content. I'm not an army

    V have always like to attached himself with Gucci that's why army picked it up and try to get the attention of Gucci with a Twitter campaign

    you're right V is more than fine without a Gucci deal. that is why I'm confused why armies are so pressed.

    I am just saying that Gucci did not want V as an ambassador. which are facts

    That would make sense if they had any personal endorsements but it's ot7 or nothing. So you made zero points with your posts.

    But keeping making things up.

    Personally I give zero fucks if they have any because they are still the biggest kpop artist ever, the biggest group in the world now and they have achieved way more than just that.

    And whatever they do will make way more noise and people will actually get to know about it.

    I don't even know what are armies trying to prove. nobody is refuting the fact that the most famous group at the moment is BTS.

    I guess their inflated ego can't handle it that BTS are not being ambassadors of luxury brands.

    I guess the point flew over your head. what I meant is if adidas a low class brand can afford OT7 why do you think that luxury brand like gucci, prada or dior can't afford them?

    coz it not about the affordability of BTS it is if they want someone like BTS to represent their brand.

    You should cut the bs. Liking a brand=/= wanting to be an ambassador. He never said that.

    You are a bigger fool than you already look if you think that V is a wannabe and that any brand wouldn't love him to work with them.

    It was way bigger news that Jones, the Dior designer, was the one behind their tour outfits than most idols becoming an ambassador of brands.

    of course liking a brand =wanting it. why was he even clout chasing Gucci when they are nugu.

    this why you are hurt. that despite the fame of BTS, your "Gucci boy" V is still snubbed by Gucci.

    any brand would love him, yet there are only crickets right now. lol.

    what the fuss with dior. of course they can make the costumes. they are paid by bighit. but did they get BTS to endorse them?? hell no.

    so spitting facts are trolling now

    you see armies keep using these excuse yet they are sponsored by adidas.

    I guess it really hurts armies ego that their idols are not as omnipotent as they claim to be.

    lol miss me with that BS. V always loved to name drop Gucci and even call himself Gucci boy.

    he always try to wear Gucci in their early days even wore imitations. that is how badly he want to be a Gucci ambassador.

    seems like have short term memory loss with their failures. like failing to get their V as an ambassador despite their massive Twitter campaign. sorry honey Gucci don't want wannabe for their ambassador

    who said it was a drag. I'm just saying that V just ain't cut for Gucci ambassador well whatever helps you sleep at night.

    How did she half heartedly apologise when she didn't even try to explain but just took all responsibility and apologised, stopped promoting for months and apologised again?

    What do you people really want from Irene?

    How many people has she bullied that you know? You are a hater which makes you a way worse person than Irene and like I said, she's going to keep thriving regardless of what you think, she doesn't even know that you exist so just focus on your life.

    how can. a person that is pointing out a wrong doer is a worse person.

    you just can't get it over yourself that your idol is nothing but a pretty face with morals like crap.

    you see all those Kdramas where the rich bully the poor just because they have power and they know they can get away with. Irene is the personification of those characters.

    These fans of nugu treasure are so pressed. if they are all as talented as you claim to be GP will be interested in their music. they are the first YG group that is flopping with digitals despite all the push that they get

    they are an embarrassment. the whole ass reality show just exposed them of how untalented they are. the only one with talent is yedam. and in all honesty for a YG group their rap like is mediocre

    and FYI I'm no alt. I'm a long time lurker forced by the forum to register an account to see all the threads. and I can't help correct delulus like you