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    To be honest I don't blame them. They're really busy now and probably preparing a lot for the comeback. It is very likely that MAMA and all the other award shows might be held online due to the rising cases.

    Also, wasn't MAMA last year that made all the idols wait in their cars outside for 5 hours only so they can show up on stage for 5 minutes and accept their awards? I'm not surprised for the weak line-ups this year.

    Now I painted the director as the biggest victim :eyes: …. It’s getting better lol

    Yeah this situation shouldn’t have happened in the first place… this one I agree

    Was I wrong? In a bunch of posts she was your only concern, but who started this mess in the first place?

    The fact that you think the worst thing Seungri did was being a misogynist when in fact he's a POS that should rot in jail says a lot about how far you'd go defending your faves and everyone associated with them and yet you claim to be objective. And yes I'm taking this info from your posts before you try to say I'm making it up.

    I thought BTS already surpassed BigBang in 2017 ? Weren’t they the first to be nominated by Billboard. BTS already sold millions to that time (more than BigBang ever sold with one album) and you say their fandom size was much smaller than VIP’s ? Their power Dynamic was pretty even here… someone in this Thread even said EXO was more a rival to BTS than BigBang was….

    Anyway no… me saying they weren’t defenseless is not me saying it was ok ok for them being attacked… I mean I have already mentioned here several times that VIP’s went to far and that BTS didn’t deserve so you now reading this and coming up with the conclusion that that I thought it’s ok cause their fans defended them is the prime example of twisting words and misinterpretation.

    Please just give it up, you twisted your own narrative so many times, from trying to paint the director as the biggest victim when in fact she fueled the fire to poor bts they weren't defenseless when this whole situation shouldn't have happened in the first place.

    I called out VIP‘s for attacking BTS and that it wasn’t right, now you say I defended BigBang, I wasn’t even talking about them… yet you are coming in here trying to antagonize me because I thought a women had the right to point out that her work was stolen which those responsible for for it admitted to have done so and than apologized…

    Just say you wanted to shit on me and go…

    The director and everyone from BB's side were partially responsible for that mess. You are projecting your own version refusing to see the situation from both sides and how badly it affected bts.

    Keep in mind that when the director made that post NOBODY knew gaon was the one responsible for BTS's vcr, so the claims and shade were directed at bighit/bts. They should've been the bigger person in this case and wait for gaon to clarify things because fans were going to stir s*it either way.

    I made an entire post explaining to you why the whole situation was bs, you can't claim to have your work stolen just because the use of a very common video transition that is 90% of the time used at the beginning or ending of a video. For the claims to be valid, they literally had to copy second for second, the only valid one is the use of the same font, which also can be found in ps/premiere and it's in no way shape or form copyrighted/trademarked, hence why I said it's was most likely that they used Top's video as a reference. You would expect a professional to be aware of this instead of starting mess and pretend that they invented the wheel like many kpop stan do.

    I've seen both clips and I stand by what I said. I can assure you that director is not the first nor the last person to have used the same effect in a video be it for personal or commercial use. The 'No Signal' text and the image are NOT intellectual propriety of YG/Big Bang, therefore they can be used by anyone. You can't claim it's plagiarize when this concept has been used soooo many times in the past, at most and what I think happened in this case is that the person who made BTS's intro might have used T.O.P's video as a reference, hence the similar font used in both clips. That director was both in right and wrong, pointing similarities is fine and understandable but should have known better than claim plagiarize over content she/he has no rights/trademarks over and especially something as common and generic as that, you would expect a professional to know about these things, especially since it spiraled and fueled a lot of hate on both sides. Yeah, Gaon is the main culprit here, either cite the reference (if used) or clear everything up right away.

    I don't condone what those people, VIPs or not, did to BTS? so no i didn't miss the point and i am not shifting the blame. If you read the thread, like i did, you must have seen the posts directly or indirectly blaming the director. I am specifically adressing that part.

    I agree that the director didn't deserve the hate, no one did, but I at the same time I can't help but think how much of a non sense this whole situation was. I understand defending your work and rights, I've seen a lot of kpop plagiarism scandals where the claims were valid but this one ain't it, the imagine and the whole concept was too generic, if this thing happened in the west nobody would have batted an eye. This particular example to me is right next to the 'sink' plagiarism scandal, you can't plagiarize a concept you don't own, especially in this case when they've clearly taken inspiration themselves from other sources, and I'm speaking this as someone who had to deal with copyright and trademarks. You can't tell me that a 'no signal' image is an original concept, if so every tv station in the 90's that lost signal would have the rights to sue left and right. They should have gone more in dept about the situation and own it, explain it properly instead of shading and basically calling out VIPS to hate on BTS and armys.

    Come on now, literally no one in this thread even remotely denied that the people who dragged BTS over that incident were absolutely at fault. I'm talking about the few Armys in this thread insisting that the stage director who pointed out the plagiarism was at fault. That's simply ridiculous, she had every right to call out plagiarism of her own work, she didn't personally attack BTS or even mention them and she is not responsible for how others react to her post or take advantage of it.

    if we go by this logic then every artist or content creator that has ever in the history of forever called out plagiarism should be blamed for the negative reactions the other parti inevitably received. Let's now go hunt down the Blackpink stylist that called out JYP for plagiarising her hanbok designs or the graphic artist that called out SM for plagiarising his work. Twice and Aespa got dragged as a result of those 2 incidents respectively, so i guess we should all cancel that stylist and that graphics artist now right?

    do you see how ridiculous this is once you remove the bias?

    You completely missed the point, again trying to shift the blame on armys, when BTS were the ones to bear the brunt of the situation when Gaon could've easily clear everything up quickly without letting the situation escalate so much. Of course the director was right to point it out (even though I personally think it's a hard reach to call a 'no signal' thing original but whatever), unfortunately his/her post only fueled the situation more, also the family members of BB throwing shade didn't help either, and only spurred more hatred and accusation from VIPS. Anyway, everyone got their karma in the end.

    when we'll see a BG do a horror concept ?

    when a BG will do some crazy shit with AI ?

    when will see a BG do music with rock influence ?

    all i feel i'm seeing since end of 2nd gen -3rd gen is bg wearing dark clothes and liftings their shirt to appeal

    The horror concepts and A.I are strictly visual elements that have nothing to do with the music, if you're looking for really dark MV concepts, B.A.P has quite a few if I recall correctly. As for the rock influence, many groups have done so in the past, TXT, Ace, Oneus, Onewe, B.A.P, BTS, Led Apple just to name a few.

    This is heartbreaking and I can't even imagine the trauma and scars these experiences leave behind, no wonder why a lot of people in the entertainment industry suffer from mental health issues. From what I've noticed, SM seems to be the worst company when it comes to feeding into fans' fantasies, so I'm not surprised.

    Unfortunately nothing much will change until they'll tackle the root of the problem which is the entertainment companies. A lot of these sasaengs have ties within the companies or even work hand in hand with them but I don't think anyone is ready for this conversation.

    Nothing will happen, they will still thrive and make banger music. Funny how you some think that BTS not getting a Grammy is the ultimate humiliation, please let it sink in that they are a 2x Grammy nominees in a pop category amongst some of the biggest artists in the world. That in itself is a big honor and they should be proud trophy or not.