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    And me i find this hypocrites that you are all acting like you care about idols mental health and how they feel

    and can't even think if they would be comfortable or not with unknow people not calling them by the stage name they decided to use before debuting

    And prefer to call them by their real name without even knowing if it doesn't make this idol awkward and uncomfortable

    95% of the time the stage name is chosen by the company, mostly for 3 reasons:

    1. to be easier to remember

    2. to avoid confusion in case there's another celebrity with a similar name.

    3. to fit in with the group's image

    Their real name is made public, unless an idol states they don't want to be called by their real name then I don't see any reason why you should make a fuss about it. Most idols nowadays use their names anyway...

    Let's be real: I think people are actually more pressed about the excuses that Chaeyoung defenders have come up with than Chaeyoung actually wearing the stupid shirt lol

    But I do have to ask: Chaeyoung knows who Sid Vicious and the Sex Pistols is. The shirt is not a common shirt and people just don't randomly wear shirts of bands/rockstars that they don't know. So did she look at the shirt and think that a British Rockstar was randomly wearing a Buddist/Hindu religious symbol?

    I highly doubt she knew of Sid Vicious/Sex Pistols. I'd be more concerned if she did, considering the guy was a convicted criminal.

    I agree, I don't think she had any ill intentions, just extremely ignorant and wanting to look edgy and cool. Just like teenagers these day who think Nirvana is a clothing brand or wearing metal band tees just for the aesthetic.

    Haters bring up melon charting just because they have nothing else to drag them about.

    Tbh, I would personally be more concerned if they started doing really well on melon and tank on spotify. Their music is not GP friendly, so I think they're doing really well considering the circumstances. Also,a lot of k-armys have left melon for Spotify or YouTube Music because nowadays that's what really matters.

    And as I said in a previous post, for a kpop group whose main target is the international market, a number 1 or top 10 is pointless if it's not backed up by numbers (being streams and/or album sales) which surprise, BTS' solos have both. Comparing them with BP or any other 3rd gen kpop solo is pointless since none of those releases made any noise outside their own fandom or had much or any international success.

    Dragging them is pointless, when you ask yourself what's the best selling solo kpop album or the most streamed etc., the answer to all of those questions is surprise, a BTS member.

    this is actually the most stupid thing i read here '-'

    are you saying that for example "Rollin" by Brave girls wasn't one of the most successfull song in kpop just because they never had amazing sales or international streams '-'

    Yes, but what did it do for them in the long run? You can't tell me that they had suddenly gained a massive following or found any success post "Rollin'", because that's the GP for you. I'm mostly speaking about groups that have an international following, there's 4th gen groups that have barely seen the light of melon but chart well in billboard and have sold-out tours worldwide, what the GP thinks is the last thing companies care about when there's money to be made somewhere else.

    The choke hold melon still has on kpop stans is just a mystery to me. I feel like that chart is no longer an accurate representation on what's really popular not only with kpop fans but GP as well, given the power that youtube, spotify and tiktok have now. A number 1 on melon means nothing nowadays if it's not backed up by album sales and international streams.

    Do people think SM artists will lose their vocal abilities overnight or something? Vocal training and practice can only do so much, you can't become Mariah Carey with just a few vocal lessons. If SM stans are so worried about their faves becoming mediocre vocalists if they become part of Hybe, chances are they've always been mediocre. Also, SM artists lip-sync the hell out of all of their performances, where do all of those great skills go? singing in the shower?

    Nct deciding to go with the racism to earn free food and drinks is their own choice. They were the ones someone was being racist too. Especially if the waiter approached them and automatically assumed they are BTS

    But even this “so-called” racism needs more details. Because if the waiter just approached to ask if they famous singers, and they said yes. And they asked again if they were BTS, and nct confirmed that, then it’s not racism. So it really depends on how this whole exchange went.

    The only issue to take here is their lack of respect to even address BTS properly after all that happened and this was on-cam. I wonder how bad things are behind the scenes.

    Couldn't have said it better myself. It's crazy how people try to shift the blame just to cover the members' poor manners and disrespectful behavior towards BTS. Celebrities get mistaken for other celebrities all the time, even regular people.

    I think that waiter was ignorant at best, I don't think they had any malicious intent since they clearly gave them free drinks and NCT ran with that narrative and did nothing about it.

    Boy, they never learn do they? When will Hybe realize that media play and sensationalist titles such as these are not only insulting to BTS' legacy and hard work but also damaging to whatever group they choose to target as the 'next BTS'. I know next to nothing about New Jeans but I'm sure they have their own aspirations and goals other than being known and constantly compared to BTS. I feel like these tactics are only going to bite Hybe in the back one day...

    However? Someone inspiring you to pursue music as a child does not mean that your success is totally down to their success which certain eager beavers here will now want to claim.

    I already see VIPs running their mouths and claiming part of BTS' success is due to BB. Suga is really kind and humble, I find it laughable how some 2nd and early 3rd gen kpop idols as well as senior celebrities who couldn't see beyond their own noses and treated them like trash are suddenly coming around and can't get enough of the BTS members.

    I don't know how SM expects their music to be successful in the west when they can't even catch their own GP attention anymore. They make music for SM stans, fans who are already used to that kind of sound. Personally, I find nails on chalkboard more appealing than some of the songs I've heard from their artists in the past 2-3 years, which is a shame since they have a lot of talented singers whose vocals are wasted on trash songs.

    As for NJ, their music is decent but not really my style, combine that with the huge hype, decent promo and management and with kpop being at its peak, it's no surprise that they're doing well.

    Does anybody know the percentage of idols/celebs that have gone to public service compared to the general public? Really difficult question when it comes to looking for info but I thought I'd ask.

    Here's a list with some of the most popular idols:

    K-Pop Enlistment and Discharge Dates - K-Pop Database /
    In this table you can see some of the K-Pop idols that are currently serving their mandatory military service, and their expected discharge date.

    Looks like public service is not that uncommon...