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    Snapping is hard to do well especially if you're going to compare it against the original.

    If you compare it to Chungha, you're going to be unhappy no matter what because very few people are as flexible and fluid as she is in her dancing. Her solo choreo emphasizes her strengths.

    I like Wow thing most

    But some of these performances doesn't seem like live. Esp. paradise lost... I am not sure about snapping either. Anyway do any of you trust mnet bc I don't


    I hear natural pitch variance in all the songs. Even Snapping and Paradise Lost. Wow Thing was impressive too with all the vocal runs.

    I was underwhelmed by Roada.

    The only performance that was more suspect to me was the Twice one where that one popular girl was way more in tune than the rest of her teammates.

    So many people seem to be suspicious of Mnet auto-tuning. Sure, you can do it very subtly, but we couldn't really tell if they wanted to be really subtle. I'm way more suspicious of Chinese survival shows applying pitch correction, but it has been a lot more obvious to be fair.

    These are just first impressions and auditions, so looking forward to seeing more people emerge. Losing half the groups is pretty brutal though, it seems like a lot of girls could just be unlucky.

    This is interesting. I only hear Roada singing...the parts listed as Joey singing sound like Roada. Everyone else is rapping. It's not a good song to judge intonation on when 4/5 of them are rapping mostly.

    I haven't looked at all the choreos you listed but it's pretty clear that the Ambush choreo doesn't have the singer moving too much when they are singing. Rapping is a different story here...not that rapping doesn't have pitch but you don't need to be quite as precise.

    Hard to say about contestant grouping. Other "top" contestants were placed with lower ranked girls too...and this is only according to the theme song ranking. It comes off worse in the C-group if the low end is lower than for the other groups. It's too bad they couldn't get better talent from China but maybe we'll be surprised.

    Okay believe what you want to believe then. There's no one stopping you.

    I'm just rational person, habit doesn't easily changes especially they always rigged in their previous produce series + idol school therefore I don't expect Mnet suddenly will be fair.

    I'm not talking about Black Mamba since I think everyone already knows it.

    Favorable editing means creating around a story for this selection of trainees , not all trainees get this luxury you know.

    If you're rational, wouldn't you expect that the producers know they are being watched? (i.e. police)

    Doing the same rigging as before knowing you're being watched is insanity.

    You're not wrong about the habits...especially in people. But corporations tend to be a lot more rational. I can acknowledge that Mnet would have to find ways of rigging more quietly if they want to continue that. But they cannot have another scandal if they want to continue creating these types of shows.

    I wonder if this show will do badly in Korea because of past history.

    I mean we already knew it is Produce 101 Season 5 but we are all still watching it because we are clowns anyways

    The layout of the chairs is the same. There's a main spokesperson. They renamed trainers to masters.

    They will have a Boy Planet 999 next year aka Produce 101 Season 6 just wait

    I don't know. I'm expecting some format revisions.

    It would be boring to have another show of performance staples, position competitions, and then new songs.

    If the 3-person cell holds up in future rounds, then I expect we'll see who is good (talented or trained) pretty quickly but also who is learning quickly.

    I also expect to see contestants quickly arrange themselves by skill and popularity. Lots of room for mildly manufactured drama. :)

    Oh interesting. I remember seeing the first live performance of the YWY2 group and it was...really bad. I'd be interested in hearing those cloud assessment versions though. I was mildly annoyed when people were talking up the YWY2 performances when it was very clear (to me, at least) that they were autotuned or studio versions. That said, they're not really moving around as much as Produce 48 either. Limbs yes, bodies no.

    Any idea how the groups chose their songs? Some of the groups chose...poorly. The Izone performance group was hitting everything a little too hard. I can still hear Lay yelling "Balance!" lol.

    I don't quite remember how it was in SIXTEEN but so far most of singing there was fully live which kind of makes them look worse sometimes when compared to e.g. PD48 where all their performances (at least 1st stage (post-auditions)) were heavily autotuned. However, I think some of the contestants there actually sound better than autotuned PD48 trainees, so... the level is higher imo.

    Oh interesting, I've always wondered if Mnet does selective auto-tuning. Which PD48 performances do you think were heavily autotuned?

    That said, nothing compares to YWY2 autotune.

    You're overreacting. Mnet is already being watched after previous investigations and scandals.

    It'd be nice if they had a 3rd party agency verify the votes though. (i.e. PriceWaterhouse)

    That said, the evil editing of the Black Mamba group did happen even if it was mild. They didn't take the shots they could have with a lot of the C-groups but they didn't need to with all the unstable singing.

    Favorable editing has always happened in any survival show. You cannot be fully objective since this is entertainment. If you're boring, you won't get screen time.

    I hope she does well, it doesn't help the show if the Chinese trainees can't hang.

    I'm hopeful, but Chinese survival shows autotune a lot. YWY is particularly egregious about doing this.

    I expected the Chinese talent to have greater variability but the low end is too low right now. I can understand that the C-idols don't necessarily represent all the best of China, but I'm concerned they weren't able to get enough. If the show (and debut group) does well, I think that will probably change. It's not Mnet editing this time, you can see it clearly on the YT videos.

    Meh, I didn't feel the K/DA performance. I agree though that Dayeon and the girl who's 2nd are skilled, but idk, something felt lacking? Especially in comparison with Hikaru (1st from J group) and Xiaoting (1st from C group)'s performances. But ngl, I was also surprised that they didn't receive the sticker.

    Perplexed by the way the girl from Black Mamba performance was robbed, just for a small voice crack that was barely noticeable. :rolleyes:

    For K/DA, I also agree. They dinged K01 and K02 not for skills but for charm...their facial expressions are lacking. If you look at the YT video, the main vocal sang her adlibs really well.

    It's a good lesson, I'm sure they'll work on it and start cleaning up later.

    I was happy to see good Japanese talent...showing that the Produce 48 results were representative of AKB48 and not Japan. There's some serious talent...a girl who didn't make it into Itzy?

    I thought the Chinese talent would show better, but there's another episode of auditions. I wasn't too surprised that the singing was off, because I could definitely tell Chinese survival shows auto-tune their performances. YWY is particularly egregious in this regard. Perhaps they have a harder time singing in Korean in general.

    That said, I'm sure there's plenty of less-trained talent that will surprise us as the show goes on.

    He should release new music every once in a while to remind k-pop not to take itself too seriously with all the dark concepts.

    In korea , where senior, junior is really a thing and many senior idols don't even talk to juniors. It is kind of big deal for junior artist, when seniors treat them with respect

    Watched enough of k dramas to see seniors treating juniors badly and it is normalised . So BTS our humble kings

    Whoa slow down there.

    K-dramas are dramatic and oftentimes don't reflect real life. You might as well believe Korean people look like that in everyday life too. :)

    JYP and Bang Si-hyuk go back pretty far. I'd be surprised if BTS didn't treat Itzy like little sisters.