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    I'm not a Carat but have some friends who are Svt fans, I didn't know this (or the Hyunjin issue) had blown up so much - surprised there's no statement yet?

    It may actually be the Bighit influence - this is how they deal with bigger controversies and rumors, like with the Nov 2018 issue it took many days before a statement came out because they must have been discussing and researching the best response. Not defending it, as there are pluses and minuses to both the instant reaction and the measured one, but it could be why this is taking forever.

    You are not getting the point, there is a reason we call him twicehouse. He always talks so much bs not even blinks like him so you don't need to bother with the essays with him

    I get that! I don't actually take him seriously, or honestly most people I lay out my essays to.

    My agenda, always, for what seems like my gasbagging: to give facts and logical arguments to the hundreds to thousands of ppl who visit here daily and read these threads so there's less ppl who believe and repeat that same BS.

    AKP is Kpop Misinformation Central, it gets tons of eyeballs bc of the front page, and has a lot more power than ppl think. It's why Johnny keeps it alive, and kpop groups are doing AMAs here. Many of us ARMY might seem 'unfun', but there's a reason for it.

    And what MEDIAPLAY?? BP are successful ww, the thing is armys don't want to accept it and just start shading them every opportunity. You guys are the obsessed one, not the other way. Let's not forget how at BP comeback day it's your fandom who starts to creating rumours and making hate tweets about the girls. Hypocrites, but nothing new, this is yours identity.

    Of course BP are successful ww. They're huge. That doesn't mean YG hasn't attached BTS's names to them when convenient, just like he did with BB and TVXQ, etc. He's famous for it.

    And show me a truly trending or blown-up tweet - and in ARMY world that means 50k+ likes, but I'll take 10k+ - starting rumors, shading BP, etc. By an ARMY, not a kpop multi. We've got 30-40 million ppl in our fandom. This is more than the cities of Tokyo and NY combined - anything without engagement doesn't count and you know that. Hell, I'll take 5k.

    I'll wait.

    see BlackpinkHouse this is what I mean they just pretend to be stupid and not realize you always talk bullshit to create drama and quote you typing essays no one cares about to correct the smallest details lmaoooo

    Heh this is what we mean when we say that kpop fans try to act edgy when they get owned w/ facts by whining 'we didn't mean it' and 'just trolling omg why are you so srs I was just kiiiiiiiiiidding' - you REALLY aren't the cool mean girls of AKP you think you are.

    BP and BTS are a lot closer than you think, it's not like it's crazy to lump the two of them together. Hell, LSG is pounding LGO in the charts, HYLT blasted ON into smithereens, BTS won the English song battle by annihilating Ice Cream but 2 out of 3 head to head battles go to BP. When it comes to popularity, you could make the case that Lisa is more popular than the Hyung line and MIGHT have a chance against even the Maknae line in certain metrics. Also, dont the brand rankings for Korea consistently show BP members like Jennie leading all the BTS members?

    No? Individually, Jimin takes it with all individuals blended in Korea, and internationally Jungkook blows everyone to smithereens, last I saw. But the last one I'm ready to be corrected, she is hugely popular. Still, JK literally won a top instagrammer award and *he doesn't even have an instagram*. He's the only person ever to have three tweets over 3 million. His searches in all territories are nuts.

    The brand rankings:

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    This is the fake equivalent stuff the OP is talking about House - you're pointing out specific songs battles but keeping it vague to obscure the overreaching truth.

    You say LSG is pounding LGO on the charts yet LGO has 212 million spotify streams and LSG only 180 million, which shows it's the bigger INTERNATIONAL hit. Kpoppers are constantly yelling at about how easy to manipulate Korean charts are by streaming fans, and I actually don't disagree (for all groups). KArmy are streaming MONSTERS. So are KBlinks since HYLT. Also there was Serious Fan Starvation with HYLT that worked really well. I'm too lazy to find ON numbers but it DEFINITELY wasn't a pounding, that's a hardcore exaggeration.

    And saying that "sure Dyna beat Ice Cream..." like it's a minor thing; Dynamite has 710 million streams, Ice Cream 188 mill. Not even in the same stratosphere, especially when you take mainstream and public recognition into play. AND that IC had a big western star on it. Dynamite is a massive global hit.

    WW band name recognition and album sales aren't even worth getting into; BTS sold 9 million albums total in 2020. 9 million. That's insane. You know BP's numbers. And paid live shows? Almost a Million for ON:E, almost 300k for BP.

    BTS has 15 billion streams plus and increasing at more than twice the rate of BP's. BP has what, 4-5 billion? BP's streams are INCREDIBLE, you should be proud, they're doing great.

    But All the numbers show that BP is about 1/3 to 1/2 as successful as BTS. That's not small, BTS is one of the top 5, maybe 3 artists in the world. They are queens. Inflating them like you did tho' is what makes us ARMY so very pissy.

    Let's also not forget BH in the beginning of BTS career where people found them as BB fanboys and how BH used BB # on BTS videos or how they used EXO in one article talking about BTS overtaking them in the physical term... Companies are shade, but let's not act like YGE is the only one.

    Clowns everywhere :clown:

    Is this the "SEO Keywords are BigHit Using BB!!!!!!1111!!" Argument? Because welcome to exactly how tagging works for *every industry*, you take what's most well known and a social media manager throws those keywords into the pile to get some eyeballs. This is not the hot take you think it is. And kinda obscure?

    Also a stretch is the idea that 'people found BTS from them being BB fanboys' bc... no. That doesn't even begin to hold up, if that was the case then every one of the hip-hop flavored acts and groups from that era would be bigger than they are(as opposed to mostly defunct). People found BTS because of the pre-debut rapline hype/Satoori rap, Bang PD's reputation, their online activities and then the quality of their music performance.

    And one article? You're realllllllllllllly gonna say that one article mentioning EXO - the biggest group at that time - made a difference for a band that was gaining massive international attention from people who had absolutely no idea who EXO was? self included.

    Of course all companies are a bit shady - but we all know, you definitely know, that YGE is incredibly famous for endless mediaplay, being a cheap SOB who lets that mediaplay and sponsorships do the marketing work for him, and using cheap tactics to get attention.

    Let's not false equivalency the grossest man in Kpop, now. He's lying, manipulative slime, and no one knows that better than blinks.

    WAP is a fun-as-hell, sticky, audacious song and Megan's verses are so f*cking good. (not a fan of Cardi's rap, but I'll admit she has charisma and presence for days) Yes, I'll take it (and Chloe and Halle, and all of Megan and Nicki's discog, and much of Ariana's, and Halsey's, and...) over 99% of kpop gg songs, sorry not srry.

    Kpop has performing TALENT like crazy but that's different than it having up-to-date, interesting music and presence; 99% of agencies do not cultivate most of their idols becoming individual artists or growing in any major way bc of the nature of the scene. It's too bad because many are so incredibly talented.

    Because for the most part kpop is about a decade behind the Western music industry in terms of trends so most people write it off as bad because it's not the same as what's out today. Alternatively because it's different you get a bunch of 14 yo kpop fans going "omg Western artists could never!"

    Yup this. Kpop is still doing EDM from 10-3 years ago. It's baffling, even when it's good. It can make it hard to take seriously as a music scene. I love the dancing and showmanship so if I seem cranky it's bc I want them to give me great music, too.

    Because they are significantly better and more talented. Music and performances and stage presence is better aswell, more variety as well.

    I mean theoretically kpop is equal to that of Disney channel, there are songs that are good but it’s seen as too childish and “safe” there’s no real substance to a lot of the music. Outside of that main demographic kpop just doesn’t have mass appeal. Only certain groups have broken the mold and shown real artistry and that is reflected in their chart performance and recognition.

    Exactly - and the truth is it's not that they COULDN'T have more variety and interesting stage presence, but its not nurtured. All of these issues combo together to make kpop seem like candy. And that's great and it is what it is, but like I said I find it frustrating because of all that talent.

    Well all of Kpop follow the BTS and ARMY print on the regular it's just kinda the way of the scene now? I mean that pretty neutrally (except for when they DENY the copying and bring up super obscure examples to claim otherwise, then it's just sad). It's also always been YG's way as well, this is a man/company who does the bare minimum of innovation these days, just does it with a lot of 'swag'.

    And for those Blinks and often just war-loving multis/trolls who do it, they know that it'll get a lot of clicks and clout - it's a bit troll-y, but also effective. (truly the YG method) Bangtan Versus Pinks/ARMY versus Blink is Kpop Eyeball bait at its finest. Don't think it's unique to blinks despite all the YG drags I can't resist, there's just more of them and they have the most fuel for the war engines.

    Basically just the kpop scene being kpop!

    You're welcome, ngl even your defenses about being shady are kinda shady! You might feel you have good reason personally, but others are going to disagree and thus maybe find you frustrating and two-faced.

    Your desire to create drama probably comes out more than you think it does/it's not really that far under wraps from an outsider's perspective?

    People aren't monoliths we tend to be multifaceted! If many people have an opinion about oneself and we disagree, yet that opinion persists, there's a good chance there's truth to it. Kinda like the bully discussion - a bully can be the loveliest, most giving, charity-donating, charming sweetheart to those they choose to be and an absolute terror to those they deem lesser than them. I'm not saying you're a bully, just a parallel about how you probably have many sides.

    But anytime you know I'm always ready with an opinion!

    I like when you give music opinions that are just that and open a forum for discussion. I agree the more of that the better in a scene that's ostensibly (if not really functionally most of the time) about music.

    But I agree with dryheat, you can be REAL shady at times/often and then pretend you're not (which is incredibly frustrating, just own it), get cranky and sharp at many counterarguments and especially when, well, you're called out for being a consistent drama creator. You're always digging and like to needle, and that's of course going to make a lot of people not like you. Especially when it can seem like you have two faces - the genuinely music-loving, SM-appreciating, thoughtful music critic and the warring kpopper who likes to be able to call others out but hates being called on it.

    It's hard to trust someone's who switches modes like that but pretend they don't.