question about gender roles

  • is really good that gender roles are being questioned and fought against when it comes to women

    but why is there so little effort from all sexes against the toxic standards men have to deal with the moment they are born

    they are judged all their life by how strong or rich they are and also expected to not complain ( which basically makes it impossible to provoke these gender roles )

    while women are supported when they want to break free of their roles men are either shrugged off or looked down upon as pathetic and unsuitable when they do the same

    why IS it so acceptable to judge a man in society even though we are fighting against judgment of women so hard?

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  • This is a question I've thought about a lot

    Many times people tend to shrug it off, because it's often mentioned to distract from women's struggles with gender roles

    The sad thing, that's usually the only time it's mentioned. Not many people really care.

    I think it's easier to judge men because of their place in a patriarchal society. If you judge them, it's not going to make or break the fact that they generally stand above women.

    I'm not saying it's okay, but I think that's the line of reasoning, at least from what I've gathered with the conversations I've had about gender roles and from people who "hate men"

    From what I've seen, men generally have more of a freedom. Yes, they are expected to be the breadwinners and may not be looked at the same if they're not, or decide to be a househusband, but they're not gonna face the same challenges as women would when making a choice to defy gender roles, such as being put down in the workplace.

    They're both problems and should be talked about, but it's "more acceptable" to judge a man because he just won't have as many obstacles (stemming from his sex/gender) than a woman.

    At least from my perspective... idk if that made sense cause I jumped around a bit


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  • Do you not realize saying men's struggles are not significant is exactly what leads to the gender roles never breaking

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  • Do you not realize saying men's struggles are not significant is exactly what leads to the gender roles never breaking

    They're definitely significant, and I do think saying it's not significant is part of the reason gender roles will never break. So yes I agree with you

    I think people tend to prioritize or want to make one more special than the other and that helps lead to the problem. To a certain extent, you kind of have to, but that doesn't give anyone the right to ignore another problem

    I don't know if what I'm saying is really making sense but long story short, I think men do deserve more care in respects to gender roles and other surrounding topics like sexuality, mental health, etc.

    From my personal experience, I've just seen women have a way harder time in breaking gender roles than men do.

    I don't think there's a "good" answer to this either way, and unless society has some climactic event that re-establishes how everything in the world is done, it won't change, not in the foreseeable future at least, for women or men


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  • I've always internally justified it as 'women still have a long way to go/its hard to expect progress equally'. I don't believe men's plight is being ignored, its just not in the forefront as much. I also believe it depends on where you live, and where you raise these concerns. Ultimately, its complicated and tough to have a convo over this with civility.

  • I think men are suffering, because women still aren't truly considered equal.

    That women and girls are still seen as inferior and lesser is what forces men to try and behave in ways that are perceived as, at the very least, not girly.

    There's an enormous stigma attached to liking girly stuff as a boy but why is that? Ultimately, I believe, because of how we see girls. If girls were seen in a better light, acting girly would not be an issue, liking 'girly things' would not be an issue. But we still use 'girl' as an insult that is synonymous with sissy. It's what forces men who want to be taken seriously to abide by our stereotypically definition of manly. (that which is not girly)

    Our gender roles are ultimately defined as opposites. One is this way, the other is that way. One has these traits, the other has those traits. I think men will remain trapped until women are equals. So long as we consider them inferior, men will also be forced into their own toxic role.

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