Meal Pics

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  • The Deli Roast Beef looked medium rare. Tried to just warm the beef, not to cook it further.

    Yes - I did a French Dip on two other Roast Beef Sandwiches. French or sough dough Roll with French Dip would be awesome. This Kaiser Roll broke up when dipped was still good tho.

    Deli meat is better tasting and more tender than Arby's.

    After having 5 of 6 Roast Beef Sandwiches this week. I think it'll be enough roast beef sandwiches for a while. Xd

    Chocolate Cake and Milk.


    Can't eat all this, so dividing it up and freeze it for later.


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    Figured most of less tender roast beef are shoulder chucks it's a flavorful , inexpensive and bit chewy cut , wonder if Arbys has used this thing on whole strip loin of beef, would have tenderized it to a good extent tho.

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    That chocolate cake looks like a fine ending of meal. I bet the French would have drizzled some Triple sec on it😎

    I kinda like this burger- only beef, cheese,buns as standard, onion and bacon for additional kicks, a show down with diners via quality beef and char marks. What are some places' names in your neighborhood as iconic as Peter Luger?

  • Peter Luger looks real fancy, I don't think anything around here can compare. There is some good steak restaurants that age the beef like Luger.

    If you go to San Francisco there is high end Steak Restaurants. Many are in the major hotels restaurants. If your out this way on a Business expense account, go for it. XD

    The cheese Burger looks good.

    btw want a taste of San Francisco. Have a sour dough bread crab sandwich and Shrimp Cocktail with saltine crackers.



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  • It's sandwich from a Sunny state when I saw avocado in it.

    What are some classical shrimp cuisines in CA that are unique from New England?

    Many here got to know further how shrimps are cooked in the US from this

    Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. | Seafood Restaurant Chain in the USA & International
    Family-friendly chain for seafood & American fare served in a fishing-boat-themed setting in the USA & International.

    They knew Forrest Gump before the restaurant.

  • Baseball was on that gave me the idea. I used to get Nachos at NBA games. This amount was available to buy.

    Taco Bell Nacho BellGrande.

    U-know how some can eat a bunch and not gain weight. I have low cholesterol no matter what I eat. So some of these meals could choke a Horse, be careful. XD


    Be cool to see other's Food selfies. specially the restaurant ones.

  • This could be titled better, umm.

    This is what comes up with Food Selfie.


    It is more than I expected for this thread.

    "Meal Pics" fit the idea better.

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