Jungkook new Tattoo

  • Looks good on him. Never thought he would be the type that looks good with a lot of tattoos.

    Anyway the hostility against that one user was so overdramatic. They didn’t dictate what JK should do with his Body, just stated that they hope he wouldn’t do more, as they are probably not a tattoo fan.

    i think i will bookmark this for the next time you decide to vilify others for making the smallest remarks about your fav.

  • And those “armys” were called out and put in their place for having “opinions” on bodies that don’t belong to them.

    This isn’t the first time this user had snarky things to say about BTS while fuming over the slightest things said about their faves and vilifying them.

  • Lol okay. A non fan enters a thread JUST to say that "they think he shouldn't get any more tattoos", but we can't point out how we would get a whole tirade if we would say anything about what we think their favs should or shouldn't do?

    No i dont think they meant it bad, but it's a two way street.

  • Personally, I don't like tattoos and I don't plan on getting them done on my own body. Jungkook loves it and gets it done. His own body, his own decision. End of discussion.

    "Don’t judge a book by its cover. Everybody has a reason and everybody has a story. I hope people don’t judge a person based on what they see." Kim Taehyung


  • No. What that poster said is not okay. To have another user, who constantly posts threads trying to vilify others and claiming that people are always body shaming her faves, to then post a comment defending the body shaming of another idol is not okay. Writing it off as oh, gee whiz guys I'm sure they didn't mean it is not okay.

    I will never get a tattoo for personal and religious reasons but you don't see me saying inappropriate or rude things about what others do with their bodies whether it's about my faves or other wise. To act like that is a justified excuse is not okay.

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  • I disagree what that user said was not okay because none of us have the right to dictate another person choices over their body even if their comments isn't filled with ill will it's still wrong.

    “we never felt so young”


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