Kwon Mina's "Boyfriend" releases a public apology on his instagram.

  • "Hello, this is Yoo Jun Young.

    First, I would like to sincerely apologize to my ex-girlfriend. I am sorry to everyone who has gotten hurt because of me. I will pay back all the money that my ex-girlfriend has spent on me.

    I hid all the stories from both Kwon Mina noona and my ex-girlfriend, and this whole thing began from my lies and slander. Everything that the ex-girlfriend has written is true and it is because I couldn't take care of the situation that we've come this far.

    If there were any misunderstandings, I hope that this clears it up. [...]

    It's all my fault, and I hope that nobody gets hurt from this in the future. It was all my fault for trying to hide the sky with my bare hands. I am really sorry. I will rightfully receive all the hate that you give me. However, I hope that you can refrain from criticizing others with things and people unrelated to this particular issue. I shamelessly beg you. And I apologize once again."

    Compare that to his previous statement.

    "Hello, I’m Yoo Joon Young — Kwon Mina noona‘s current boyfriend. I’m posting this to clarify all the malicious rumors being spread and attacking my girlfriend and me. First, I want to make it clear that I broke up with my ex-girlfriend via a phone call. I was single when I pursued Kwon Mina and we began dating. I messaged my ex-girlfriend on the next day following the exposé — and I tried calling her about what has happened since. But she is not responding. Anyway, I would like the unverified rumors to stop circulating. I decided to speak up because it only makes sense that I confirm myself. I hope there is no more to misunderstand."

    He knew about Mina's mental health issues but still lied to her and his current girlfriend of three years.

    I'm glad his true colors were revealed before it got serious. Looks like he wanted to have a one night stand and get back to his girlfriend till the picture was posted, support poured in and he wanted his 2 minutes of fame as Kwon minas boyfriend lol :clown: Imagine selling out your significant other, lying about her and watch her be made a villan for this. I hope he can brag about two timing a celebrity who was struggling with mental health and his girlfriend of 3 years to whatever wall that's willing to listen to him. I don't believe in karma but lmao this was quick. He really went

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    Yeah I get the power balance was off with her being a celebrity who was older and higher up their hierarchy than him and she made the first move but son if you just kept it in your pants and stayed loyal to your girlfriend ain't nobody would've been up in your business.


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