A pasta meal

  • Now you have got a coupon of $50 from Food Republic for a pasta meal

    Order as many drinks, starter and pasta to hit right below $50 and get full.

    Don't have to tip in this trip / Zero consumption tax, they are covered.

    How would you spend it ?

    Put out what you order with price and sum up a total.

    Play ball~

    Drink menu:

    - Coke : $5

    - OJ/ Apple juice : $5

    - Fresh pineapple juice: $6

    - Cherry slurpee: $6

    - Vanilla milkshake:$ 6

    - Frozen margarita: 8

    - Mojito: $8

    - House white wine: $7

    - Iced coffee Americano : 5

    - Coffee latte: 5

    Starter menu:

    - Tater tots: $5

    - Onion rings: $5

    - Chili nachos : $8

    - Mozzarella sticks: $6

    - Baffalo wings: $ 9

    - Bread and prosciutto platter: $ 11

    Pasta menu:

    Blue crab Pasta - $18

    Curry ,chicken and sausage pasta: $ 15

    Grilled salmon pasta: $18

    Meat ball pasta: $ 15

    Grilled prawn pasta: $ 18

    Veggie and Brie pasta: $ 15

    Pork chop pasta: $ 25

    Braised short rib pasta : $ 27

  • Freddie235X

    Changed the title of the thread from “A free pasta meal” to “A pasta meal”.
  • blue crab and prawns i guess for mains $36

    and Mozzarella sticks and Baffalo wings for starters $15

    I'll chip in the extra dollar and drink water since not a big fan or alcohol or soft drinks...

    EDIT: I've got in mind a meal for wife and kid...not just myself lol

  • why don't you offer margarita on the rocks instead of frozen :pepe-sad: it has ruined my pasta experience

  • It is a small Wok can only do a meal or two at a time. I like how it browned up the ground beef.

    I like to make more Wok meals. I had some success with Honey Walnut Shrimp.

    Used frozen Stir Fried Vegetables and added beef. strips. In restaurants here it is called Mongolian Beef. Surprisingly easy to be successful at it.

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