Okay it's not Kdramas, but still will ask

  • why Thai dramas are so violent? I'm sorry I watched many of them (I think at least 10), but there's so much violence towards women I'm kinda shocked, and the fact that they are justifying it really makes me bother. is that kinda situation in a country too/

    some of them don't even make sense. raping is also romanticized in some lakorns (I saw one on YT too), like wth?

  • Not really answering your question but I’ve only watched one (barely even) and the first scene was of this man killing himself. It was very graphic and I cried because they were great actors but I couldn’t watch anymore after that. Maybe if someone recommends a good one without violent scenes I’d give it another chance :D

  • we've already briefly mentioned it in some other thread.

    not only women, men in bl's too. thai's shows depict violence, rape, and sexual assault romantic. they think "hard to get" scenario is sexy. characters who are obviously sexually assaulted and explicitly don't give consent are portrayed like they in fact want sex, they just pretend they don't.

    even if some characters do play "hard to get" they should be teasing each other instead of other party being clearly violent and abusive to their "romantic" interest.

    thai's shows are for this exact reason unwatchable to me.

  • I never watched one, but someone watched it told me a lot of the female leads got raped and fall in love to the guy who rape them... I was like...wtf, no no for me.

  • I never watched one, but someone watched it told me a lot of the female leads got raped and fall in love to the guy who rape them... I was like...wtf, no no for me.

    I started that one too, I know which one is it and I also went like wtf

  • It is possible, due to lack of socio-economic coupling with the western economies, the social norms could be stuck in a previous, historically-accepted-but-not-now state. Keep in mind that often cultures are stagnated by what is possible, impossible, and hard to accomplish within that country. Someone might want to seek to promote gay rights but some more conservative or religiously tied governments might even outlaw discussion or depiction of such things. If it were up to the bible when Jesus was alive, Gays would be stoned and it took up until this century to shake steadfast stigmas against them. It takes time, and as resources become more abundant as the world becomes more developed, we will eventually drift away as a whole from the 'might is right' philosophy that governed the animal kingdom.

    I am not trying to throw shade against any group, person, or other entity, I am simply providing possible reasons why certain cultures tend to have such extreme elements depicted in popular culture.

    (also effects of war, famine, natural disaster, and other tragedies could dampen the overall public mindset to be more dark. The one that I know is that during the period after china's last dynasty, china was largely divvied up and used by european countries, more or less treated like a collection of colonies. Now as China has regained its national strength, most of the chinese population are hyper-nationalist, shunning western influences, [and largely blaming america, due to it being the 'western leader' in their eyes]. Essentially China held a grudge against a lot of countries that 'trampled' over them and now they want to clap back for things like Nanjing.)


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