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  • @egb-musiclover why won't it tag? >_< she calls me lili but I guess she can't anymore :O) Or I can be lili the otter

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    • Lili the otter would be so cute 😆

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    • Yeah otters have favourite rocks so since I'm Lili the otter I need to find someone to be my rock <3 and also I look like one with a buzzcut :O))

    • I’ll be the grape you can carry around until you find your rock >_<

      that’s some kdrama line right there 8)

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    • I actually use the rock to smash things (mainly on my belly) so I don't wanna smash you even though squishing grapes to squirt the insides out is fun but you're so nice that I can't do that :o

    • ahh thank you for not squishing me :o

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