It is incredible when you think of how BTS members have enlisted on particular dates so as to coincide their return from enlistment with Festa celebrations, so that their return will be a true gift to Armys!!!

  • So June is BTS' anniversary month also celebrated as Festa by BTS and Armys. During Festa there are a lot of events organised for Armys. To make Festa even more special, Jin, Joon, Tae, Jungkook and Jimin enlisted on such dates in December that they would return exactly 1-2 days before 13th June, which is the debut date of BTS and the main Festa date!!!! This despite most avoiding enlisting in December since it is the harsh winter period.

    Jin - June 12, 2024

    RM - June 10, 2025

    V - June 10, 2025

    Jimin - June 11, 2025

    Jungkook - June 11, 2025

    Yoongi also returns on June 21, 2025, a few days after Festa 2025

    Hobi on the other hand returns in October 2024.

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