Imagine you are back in 2016

    • Everyone claims online they saw a "killer clown" in their area
    • Most girls do extrem contouring on their face
    • Everyone wears ripped jeans again
    • Every girl wears high wasted jeans who almost go up to their boobs again
    • Every store sells home decor with unicorns, lhamas or cactus again
    • Every artist drops a tropical house song again
    • Everyone claims they just discovered bubble tea
    • The hot shit challanges are planking and bottle flip again
    • Ombre is the hair-trend and everyone wanted to do that
    • everyone is obsessed with phonering holders again
    • Every girl has thick black winter jackets with black fake furr
    • Almost everyone does either orange or nude colored lipstick
    • Everyone plays Pokemon Go again
    • Everyone buys fidghet spinners again

    A.C.E | ATEEZ | DRIPPIN| MCND | NU'EST | ONF | SF9 | Stray Kids | TFN

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