ANDREW TATE = JULY 1st *Extension* (House Arrest) = FINAL CRIMINAL CHARGES *DUE* Date ; 2023.05.22

  • ... (NYTimes)

    ANDREW TATE Thought He Was Above the Law. Romania Proved Him Wrong. The online influencer, popular with young men, is facing charges of human trafficking and rape, after seeking out a place where “corruption is accessible to everybody.”

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    (RO COURT JUDGE) Unconvinced by his (ANDREW TATE) newfound commitment to good works, a Bucharest court on Friday extended the Tate brothers’ house arrest for another month = (Until July 1st = *NO MORE EXTENSIONS* possible = Either TATE Brothers are CRIMINAL CHARGED by then , or RELEASED = RETURN of ALL their WEALTH in ROMANIA that was seized by RO POLICE to date) ... “Romania is not as corrupt as Andrew Tate had thought and hoped,” said (Female) *MS.* Mihaela Dragus, a police officer with Romania’s National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons.

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    Observation -->

    *Seems* like some kind of RO COURT 'Plea Bargain Deal' (TATE Brothers) , or CRIMINAL CHARGES with TRIAL (Return to RO PRISON Custody then ???) , should happen with ANDREW TATE by say June 15th date ??? ... Again , JULY 1st date is supposedly the *hard and fast* CUT OFF DATE for RO Prosecutors to file Official Criminal Charges against TATE Brothers.

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  • yes that would make the most sense. The thing with DIICOT is that they don't budge.

    I expect charges and they were delaying just to build up the whole dossier.

  • krell

    Changed the title of the thread from “ANDREW TATE = JULY 1st *Extension* (House Arrest) = FINAL CRIMINAL CHARGES DATE for RO ; 2023.05.22” to “ANDREW TATE = JULY 1st *Extension* (House Arrest) = FINAL CRIMINAL CHARGES *DUE* Date ; 2023.05.22”.
  • Yes, that would make the most sense. (RO Police) DIICOT , they don't budge. I expect charges. They were delaying to build up whole dossier.

    Again , the aspect that I find *interesting* , is that ANDREW TATE is *not* a citizen of RO nation (rather both U.K. and USA dual citizen) ... And so , my view , is to *wonder* just WHAT exactly does *RO NATION* 'owe' to ANDREW TATE , in terms of *CRIMINAL TRIAL PROCESSING* of him (as a 'Dirt Bag' = my view) ... I would have NO PROBLEM if that the *next* COURT EVENT for ANDREW TATE took place as follows , with a *swift* RO JUDGE decision -->

    (1) Andrew Tate <-- 'I , the RO JUDGE , did read the evidence compliled by RO DIICOT Police and Prosecutors.

    (2) 'I , the RO JUDGE , rule that you , ANDREW TATE are GUILTY based on evidence presented ... NO NEED for a TIME and MONEY WASTING *CIRCUS TRIAL* for a *NOT* ROMANIA Citizen (YOU = Andrew Tate).

    (3) I sentence you , Andrew Tate , to *10 YEARS* in RO PRISON , following applies.

    (4) A *CROWD FUNDING* ACCOUNT will be set up for you , related to a possible future deportation to UNITED KINGDOM ... IF a *$50 MILLION* USD *funding goal* is eventually reached (deposited with RO COURT) , *after that* , you and your 'Dirt Bag' Brother will be DEPORTED to U.K. nation ... The (Crowd Funding) MONEY will be given to female victims of your RO Nation behavior , and to the woman who runs the 'Open Door' (Stop Female Sex Slavery) Operation in RO nation.

    (5) IF it seems that the *$50 MILLION USD* 'Crowd Funding' Goal will NOT ever be reached , *then* you , ANDREW TATE , will get to share a RO PRISON CELL with the 21st Century version of *VLAD THE IMPALER* ... And we will find out IF you can 'Kick Box' your way to SURVIVAL , as PAY ($$$) Streaming Video *Entertainment* ... :wink:

    I personally would have NO PROBLEM with the RO JUDGE deciding in *exactly* that manner ... :thumbup:

    Three New Women Make Rape and Abuse

    Allegations (Sourced U.K. Year 2015) Against Andrew Tate ; 2023.04.13

    So *recently* , U.K. citizen women , who had Official Police Filed Previous *SEXUAL CONDUCT COMPLAINT* about 'interacting' with ANDREW TATE , in Year 2015 (so 8 Years ago) , did *RE-FILE* those CRIMINAL CHARGES about ANDREW TATE with U.K. POLICE , via a New U.K. Lawyer (as *nothing* much seemed as done by U.K POLICE in Year 2015) ... This RO Nation arrest situation is NOT the first 'sexual misconduct roundup' event for ANDREW TATE.

    Added Later: I *appreciate* the LOL Reaction ... Again , above as intended ...

    ... Is what I would wish it for ANDREW TATE and his Brother.

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