ANDREW TATE = *Film* Documentary Planned ('Channel 4' = Experienced Firm) ; 2023.01.30

  • .=.

    ANDREW TATE gives *Channel 4* 'full access'

    to never-seen-before (video) footage for

    new (film) documentary chronicling his rise

    to fame , and aftermath of ARREST

    for Human Trafficking (and possible Rape)

    in Romania ; 2023.01.30

    *** Begin Quoting ***

    ('Channel 4' Promotional Statements) --> ... 'With incredible access, Dan Reed and Maggie Gaudin (Channel 4) are poised to (investigate) this fascinating and fast-evolving story.' ... '(ANDREW) TATE has given us full access and we're looking forward to carrying on filming IF he gets (RO) OUT OF JAIL in the coming weeks.'

    *** End Quoting ***

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