• I know you haven't been on for a while but I hope you're doing alright <<3

  • Hii! :froghype: How are you doing?

  • give akorns pls :pepe-beg:

    • sorry I need them for the upcoming bp badges :(

  • hii

  • jang wonyoung one and only it girl of 4th

  • thanks for the follow my friend so tell me something about yourself that I don't already know

    • hmm. Im very tall, I'm 5'11

    • interesting and may I ask how old you are? since that's very tall

      way taller than me lol

      I'm 168 cm or 5'5 - you've got a whole half feet on me!!!

      are you comfortable/happy with your height?

    • I've grown used to having to look for about two sizes larger than my actual size to account for my height lol! I don't have a problem with it, I've always loved being tall.

      I'm 19 !!

    • 19 and 5'11 - wow and you still have a few years to grow yet!!!

      nice nice - random chance or good genes (aka your parents were tall)

      does the air feel fresher where you are my friend?

      us ommpa loompa's can't relate

    • my dad is very tall yes 😭 I'm the second shortest in my family tho! My older sister and younger brother are both taller bit my mom is shorter

      The air is okay. It's very hot though I haven't been able to go outside for a while

  • I'm so glad you're here! Sorry for not following you sooner. Based on your posts so far, and your beautiful aesthetics, you seem pretty awesome. I can't wait to get to know you better. Also, I think you'll love the blink guild a lot. It's one of my favorite spaces on here and all the users who are either in it or visit it a lot are all chill and funny people. Also, let me know if you want me to give you some akorns to buy the PINKCHELLA badges and I will. They won't be available anymore in about a day, so make sure to buy them soon.

    Love 1
    • eek thabk you so much for this! uh how much do they cost ;( I don't even know how or where to get badges plsss also I'm kinda scared of the blinks here. They seem sweet but they're so...much

    • You can get an OT4 one that has all four members on it for 950 akorns, or you can get four induvial ones (one for each member) for only 750 for all four of them. I know you don't quite have enough akorns, but please don't panic just yet. Go in the Blink guild and tag Kitty. Tell her everything. She'll help you out. I'm 99% sure she'll give you some akorns so that you have enough to get the badges, without expecting much, if anything, in return. My-Kwangya also doesn't like having akorns and is happy to give them away, and I'm friends with her, so you can ask her too if you want.

      As for how to buy the badges, it's a bit complex, but ask Ves what to do. Send her a DM or tag her somewhere and tell her you're confused how to buy these badges. She's in charge of the tech side of the website and will happily help you figure out what to click and where to go to make sure you get them.

      It's okay, none of the Blinks on here (at least the ones I know and am close with) will hurt you. If they do, I'll just have to talk some common sense into them. It'll probably be a tiny bit scary at first, but I promise once you get to know them, they're literal angels on Earth and wouldn't hurt a fly. Especially Kitty and BunnyLipChickpoo (though all of them are incredibly kind).

      Also, please come back soon! The PINKCHELLA badges won't be sold anymore after another 7 hours! I really want you to be able to have them.

    • I think I've missed the pinkchella deadline, I fell asleep lmAO. It's okay! I can find other badges!

      I can do the kitty and ves thing tho

    • They should be available for about five more minutes or so, you can still try to get them if you want.

    • It’s okay though, like you said, there are other badges. I’ll explain how to get them soon. Speaking of Kitty, she’s the one that gave me the 2000 akorns to give to you.

  • Damn you only joined today!!! :woow::woow::woow:


    • thank you! I got tired of twitter, I know this place is probably toxic too but surely it's not as bad.

      Also it's a lot prettier hehe

    • Oh twitter's a cesspool!

      And it can be, depends what crowd people associate with, there are trolls on here but it's not that bad.

      And hell yeah it is!!!!! I love people's aesthetics on here, people punch above their weight!