The Stereotypes

  • I. Introduction

    The Stereotypes are an award-winning American production team, who write and produce songs for American hip hop and R&B artists, as well as Kpop. They have worked with Justin Bieber, Usher, Bruno Mars, Lil Yachty, Cardi B and Fifth Harmony, as well as K-pop artists like Girls' Generation, Red Velvet, EXO, SHINee, f(x), BoA, Jessi, Twice, Nayeon and NCT, C-pop artists like Lay Zhang and J-pop artists like Exile.

    II. Career

    The Stereotypes formed in 2003, composed of Jonathan Yip, Ray Romulus, Jeremy Reeves and Ray Charles McCullough II. The team began working with R&B and hip hop artists and gaining media attention for their work on hit songs. The team created their first kpop song working with Girls' Generation in 2012, then worked on songs for other SM artists like EXO, SHINee, BoA, f(x), Super Junior and NCT.

    They also continued to work on Grammy-winning work with Bruno Mars and other Western artists while still continuing to create songs for Kpop artists, mostly within SM Entertainment, as well as Japanese artists like Daichi Miura and Mandopop artists like WayV. They applied their unique throwback style of R&B and modern hip hop style, creating songs like Red Velvet's "RBB," SHINee's "Odd Eye," and NCT 127's "Whiplash."

    III. Discography

    This is a limited discography, only focusing on their work in K-pop, J-pop and C-pop.

    IV. Videography

    This is only limited to their work in K-pop, C-pop and J-pop.

    IVI. MVs

    IVII. Performances - songs without videos, but with performances


    KOMCA: Searching Works (search Z0503380 for Jonathan Yip, Z0503379 for Ray Romulus, Z0503378 for Jeremy Reeves and Z0503377 for Ray Charles McCullough II under Writers & Publishers)

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