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    I mean over the years they have been many couples that have met here, and then proceeded to meet in real life. I don't know if any are still together as most of them aren't here anymore and left a while ago.

    So it's not something that doesn't happen, it just not anyone's business unless they're willing to go public with it. Although if they break up with makes it awkward for users that are friends of both, that's happened before here too.

    From the situations I've been in, it varies between fight and flight, majority being fight.

    Due to where I grew up, I learnt to assess my surroundings much quicker and the risk required with either action.

    Although I've learnt to restrain my fight response, Like if someone I know tries to scare me as a prank, I have to hold back every ounce of myself not to go deck the person automatically, so it looks weird because my body looks awkward cause I catch my arm in mid motion when it happens.

    This was my least likeable of all the concept pics they've done tbh, they made me uncomfortable (although I generally don't like a lot of skin anyway) onew, key and jonghyun were bearable, but minho and taemins were not for me, their ages played as factor in that as well despite me being the same age as onew, I was still seeing taemin as a baby (it took me till criminal to see him as grown man, so you can imagine how weird it was seeing his concept pics lol)

    I remember seeing them when they were released and I couldn't figure out who they're target audience was, as it definitely was not me lol

    As in crossed leg position like a pretzel or like one leg over the other.

    Cause I can't do the latter when I sit cause thick thighs and I've always sat 'boyish' like legs spread, crossing my legs just feels uncomfortable.

    I do the former on the sofa, but switch so the one leg is tucked under the other while its normal, as when I sit crossed legged I automatically sit up straight.. Which hurts after a bit.

    Probably generally only the beings i can't be angry with and actually care about, cause of the understanding that anything fucked up they learn is majority from the world and the adults around them.

    I have my own child and was lucky to have a easy pregnancy and labour and be perfectly fine, so I'm bias due to personal experience.

    plus I work with kids for a living cause its what I'm good at naturally and Im doing my part so we don't have more fucked up teens and adults in the world or online.

    Not particularly, the finances/income of someone else has ever really come into play, mainly because I've always been financially independent and pay for myself.

    however its important that they can provide for themselves generally but that doesn't necessarily mean a high income more so smart with their money and finances do become important in a long term relationship or marriage.

    I'm generally low maintenence as a person, so even if I was the type to dependent on a partner for money it wouldnt require much.

    unrealistic. he's making that statement because no one can reach his standards.

    and for the second thing, dude has a problem with me telling the people on here if i'm having a bad day before telling him. :clown:

    Ah Okay, with context, guy seems really insecure. Hes sounds quite immature

    Not worth the headache lol

    No, but then it's more just indifference for me, no dislike or interest tbh.

    I'd be curious to know why to the first sentence, just to clarify if hes being pessimistic or unrealistic in terms of his standards, or if he is the problem himself cause he's gravitating to or attracting similar girls that aren't for him.

    The second sentence I understand but not exactly as I've seen terrible things happen online (even here on the forums for many years) to people who have trusted people they've never met but it's not any different than real life tbh, just bad choices and blind faith, always depending on the context. So I'd take it with a grain of salt.

    Asking advice of strangers, sure fine. trusting your whole life to someone you will never meet and may not be truthful with you, that's just a risky business, sometimes it pays off sometimes ends horribly.

    I just got it now for the first time, Ive had 2 vaccines and a booster.

    Its actually been really bad for me so far, I lost my voice 2 days in, my smell and taste 3 days in, constant coughing fits, I got rib and muscle pain at the moment, my lungs hurts on the first 3 days but that's stopped. Running on 3-4 of sleeps due to all the coughing.

    Im on my 6th day starting to taste bits and pieces but still can't smell. Still have other flu symptoms also....

    I thought it would be milder due to the vaccines and I don't have any health issues but it's been a nightmare so far, covid really wanted to get me, especially since I avoided catching it since this whole thing started.