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    It is mainly about money and the corruption and waste that comes from money. The vote campaigns and fan clubs raise millions.

    With that kind of money involved, accusations against Tony's parents -- drugs, prostitution and organized crime -- or the wasting of vast volumes of dairy products is going to get investigation from law enforcement.

    That is on top of stories starting from the very first China PD101 that fan clubs were raising literally millions of dollars more for their trainees than the ones who got into the debut lineups. So either those millions went into something else other than voting or the votes were ignored even after spending. Either way, grand larceny was involved if true and that is going to bring in law enforcement.

    If their is any wrongdoing, hopefully Tencent and Baidu will get a massive fine like Alibaba for breaking antitrust laws. These giant tech companies are trying to monopolize everything.

    I just hope the right reforms take place just the same as Fan Bingbing scandal for dramas. I mean corporations and celebrities already earn a lot of money but still too greedy. An example of it is in the movie industry. Directors get a certain budget from studios and they can keep all the money if there are leftover. If a movie budget is $100 million and the director completed the movie in $70 million, he/she gets to keep the remaining $30 million. That's just absurd. No Hollywood or any movie studio in the world does such practice. No wonder we see a lot of crappy Chinese movies being made. Too much greed.

    They are Chinese dynasties. They even use Chinese as main language, including other aspects of Chinese culture. I guess you didn't read my post regarding Chinese dynasties succession. Why do you bring up traditional dresses? Some hardcore Koreans claim China copied their dress that sparked controversy. Even Japan do not deny Chinese influence in their culture. Chinese people never claim Koreans or Vietnamese copied their dress. This is just another anti China propaganda piece by Chinese and China loving people like yourself. Again Chinese people does not consist of one ethnicity. You are just a racist claiming other ethnic groups are not Chinese. Are you really Chinese at all? Everything you post is anti China to the max.

    Stop lecturing me about history you don't even understand. Mongolia was part of Qing Dynasty. All of territory of the Qing was left to Republic of China but they lost Mongolia and many other territories due to their incompetence. Even Yuan Dynasty, led by Mongols, was just another successive dynasty in Chinese history. Chinese people does not comprise of a single ethnicity. Han is the dominant culture. Every other non Han Chinese dynasties continued the Chinese civilization. That's why Chinese civilization is the only continuous civilization in the world. If ROC was not fascist, they wouldn't have been overthrown. They implemented the longest marshal law in human history when they fled to Taiwan. If that was not fascist enough, you can call whatever you want. Show me proof Biden is bribed or it's just another lie made up by you. A democratic China already failed in the name of the Republic of China. Why do you want China to continue in that death path? Because you want China to be poor and weak. People's Republic of China will exceed USA soon but you don't seem to be happy at all.

    Mao the Unknown Story is just another propaganda piece to demonize Chinese leaders. Nothing new. Actual people that got killed by CPC was around 100 thousand. Republic of China led by KMT, was a fascist government that got overthrew by Chinese people led by CPC and founded People's Republic of China or New China. ROC had already ended in the mainland from 1911-1949 that brought the most suffering for Chinese people in history. I have already provided examples of their wrongdoings. In regards to women rights, the best job during the ROC was being a prostitute, and the second was being a mistress. Women under New China hold up half the sky. Even Biden quoted Mao for that. 63% of self made billionaire women are from China. So much women oppression in China right? Mongolia was part of Chinese territory which I have stated earlier so many times but you still failed to understand. Not sure why you still preferred a failed government in the KMT all over again. Only conclusion I can think of is that you want China to be poor and weak just like those self hating and wasp worshiping Chinese.

    KMT committed way more atrocities than CPC but you still think Republic of China is better, including the made up numbers you provided. KMT lost so many Chinese territory, including Mongolia, but you think they are better and hates CPC for reunifying China. ROC is supposed to be democratic but they censor more than evil CPC and that is better too. Difference is that Republic of China make up lies and gets away with it. Lying in China news will get you arrested. A democratic ROC is even more corrupt than a dictatorship PRC. Eating radioactive food and poisoned pork is healthier because it is democractic? LOL. You even lied about KMT and DPP loving Chinese and China more CPC but I still have not gotten an answer from you. So you claim you are not part of the falun gong. Are you part of 1450?

    I care for the Chinese people and the China. Mainland China could have become as developped as the Republic of China if they were still under control of the Republic of China. The Chinese communist party are a bunch of liars, murderers and thieves who care more about themselve than the people. The Chinese Nationalist Party and the Democratic Progressive Party of the Republic of China care more about the Chinese people than then Chinese communist party of the People's Republic of China.

    Thanks for showing your true colors. KMT was responsible for 60+ million deaths and 120+ million homeless during Republic of China. KMT allowed USA to give Diaoyu Islands to Japan, allowed Japan to take Manchuria without a fight, allowed Mongolia to become independent, allowed millions to suffer while taking all the foreign aid for themselves. KMT took all the gold and money from 400 million people and wasted in in Taiwan without developing anything valuable in return. DDP are anti China party, made up of Japanese uncle toms and Chinese quislings. They are dechinasizing Taiwan at the moment. They even call Chinese people 支那, chinks. They built a shrine worshiping Japanese war criminals. Taiwan is the only place in the world who keeps calling Wuhan virus or Chinese virus. They sure do love Chinese as much as you do. Not sure if you truly believe that or just pretending. Are you part of the falun gong cult by any chance? They spread the same propaganda as you.

    China under CPC lifted 800 million out of poverty, turned China from 7th poorest country to second largest economy in the world, developed China into a military superpower, sports powerhouse, top infrastructure in the world, top high speed train system in the world, top 5g tech, 93%+ support from Chinese people, etc. What have Republic of China done in Taiwan? Becoming a puppet of the US, rampant corruption where you have president smuggling cigarettes but no charges, DDP members running over civilian but no DUI charges, gangsters part of the government, crumbling infrastructure due to corruption, water shortages due to corruption, buying radioactive food from Japan and ractopamine pork from US without a care for people's health, censoring TV channels and people because they don't follow independence agenda, promote racism against mainland Chinese, spreading fake news on Chinese people and China like the virus conspiracy, so and much more. It's so obvious you are one of those anti China trolls pretending to love Chinese people and China.

    Sorry, the Chinese communist party doesn't represent the Chinese people and China. Chinese people are Chinese people. A political party is a political party. You are brainwashed by the Chinese communist party. If I said you that I prefer the Chinese nationalist party or the the Democratic Progressive Party in the Republic of China rather than the Chinese communist party of the People's Republic of China, does it mean that I am against the Chinese communist party so that I am against the Chinese people and China ? No. The Chinese communist party is only a political party like there are many political parties around the world.

    The government represents the people. That's what the government is for. Chinese government is lead by CPC, which composes of Chinese people who loves and cares for China, not quislings and uncle toms from KMT or DDP. If you support those parties, it means you support Taiwan's independence, which all real Chinese from China and overseas opposes. I think you are the one that is brainwashed here. CPC and Chinese government works for the Chinese people. If they don't, they will be overthrown just like KMT. Simple as that. CPC already lift 800 million out of poverty. If you are against that, I don't have anything to say.

    I don't hate China. I don't like the Chinese communist party. The Chinese communist party will try to impute their propaganda in the mind of people that if you don't like the Chinese communist party then you don't like the Chinese people and China. I don't worship white people.

    This is the same propaganda mindset by anti China people. Communist Party of China represents China. It includes all aspect of Chinese people, including taxi drivers, teachers, nurses, farmers, scientists, athletes, celebrities, etc. When you say you don't like CPC, it means you don't like all those Chinese people. Not all members of the CPC works for the Chinese government, which composes of over 400 million people from all of Chinese society. It's the same excuse use every time to spread Anti China propaganda. If you don't hate China or Chinese people, stop spreading anti China propaganda, especially relating to the virus. It contributes to the rise in anti Asian violence and racism. You won't be exempt if you are Asian no matter what your political beliefs are.

    COVID-19 came from Communist China and the Chinese communist party is trying to whitewash history by saying that it didn't came from Communist China otherwhise people will question the management of Mainland China by the Chinese communist party then want to take down the Chinese communist party. If there are ignorant people attacking people who are Chinese in their eyes then it is the fault of their education and not due to a so called racist far-right white supremacist conspiracy. There is politics everywhere even when it come to the music industry.

    Not really, the virus was found earlier in other places like Italy and Brazil. The outbreak was from China but origin still unknown. If it did come from a lab, most likely it came from Fort Detrick. Its funny self hating and wasp worshipping Chinese think they can suck up to white people by spreading virus conspiracy will keep them exempt from being attacked. Nobody will care if you hate China. Racist will attack you because of your Asian face.