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    looked from the beginning and found out Jungkook wasn't standing as far as RM was doing with the female singer. This could've been a better comparison to use than RM's one.

    Both are good examples and both performances were great because they didn't isolate the female artists like you are claiming they did.

    Both maintained eye contact with their partners for necessary amount of time too.

    Jimin and Taemin performances were more isolated as they had solo stages and then had a dance off.

    Anyway, your point is hence proven wrong.

    I HAVE MENTIONED MULTIPLE TIMES IN THE THREAD, I FORGOT ABOUT HALSEY IN THE OP. She's probably the only female ever who actually shared the stage with BTS. About the Taemin and Jimin performance, there was more interaction with each other.

    feels like BH is not letting the BTS members show off any closeness with another female unless she's already a taken foreign singer.

    Look at this from 2:00 and tell me there is less interaction than jimin and Taemin duo performance.

    They were literally at least 3 meters away from each other. I'm not asking them to touch each other and stuff but at least stand together while performing

    How close were jimin and Taemin while performing? Have you seen the video? They were not in close proximity to each other. They had more distance between them than RM and the other female artist have in the above video.

    Lmao, and what about jimin performing with those female idols? What about HALSEY? Literally HALSEY.

    it does feel like BH is not letting the BTS members ever interact or dance with girls on camera purposely. They tried their best to make the Halsey and BeckyG's collabs seem like just friendship. BTS' korean collabs with females were never performed on stage. Not even once. The BTS members can have their otherwordly experiences off camera, but on camera they aren't allowed to accidentally touch a female ever.

    And I don't like how my faves have to be so self conscious over it.

    I'm sorry but you're literally erasing BWLs existence to prove a non-existent point. They've performed it on stage multiple times already with Halsey.

    And if you expect them to perform non OT7 songs then you will have to wait for a longer time.

    When have BTS members performed ALONGSIDE male dancers on stage?

    It shows us it's not a question about gender.

    I recall them performing with Halsey in Paris and that was fun. I also recall a collab stage jimin did with female and male idols both. Jungkook and RM too performed with female idols on stage.

    I understand wanting them to perform with females but your OP reads more accusatory and sure that BTS were denied the "pleasure" to perform with females on stage.

    "Hating" on ggs is not misogynistic. It's kpop and it's what all immature fans do in fanwars. And supporting feminism has got nothing to do with it. As long as dragging is not based on something related to your gender it's not Misogynistic. If you're not a trash person you won't drag other groups. :rolleyes:

    Slut shaming the gg idols is what is sexist and is one of the many problems. Saying fangirls don't support ggs because they're jealous of them is the problem.

    Both these things are largely done by male gg stans at least in this forum. I understand it's not all male gg stans who do this though.

    I don't know what to say lol, some people bring the misogyny argument in every topic. People ha e to stop pitting women against women :rolleyes:

    I said nothing more than the basic truth. Everyone judges things based on their likes, preferences, experiences. There's no such thing as an objective used here. So people will be quick to judge others but not their faves. Turn a blind eye to things that would annoy them if said about the artists they like

    This might be a little off topic but I don't know why people love to claim to be UNBIASED, and feel proud about it? Everyone has their biases and claiming to be unbiased is just you failing to recognize your biases. That's worse and will lead to bad decision making.

    Being biased is not bad and it is human nature like you said. It helps us in thinking and responding to situations faster.

    The double standards also come from being biased. And it's perfectly fine again. It's human nature.