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    Please stay safe, my whole family is career military outside of me on my mother's side. I know it can be interesting. I hope your service time goes by smoothly and quickly.,

    thank you very much

    It is just 18 months and i think i am fit enough to handle it

    The thing is i am vegetarian and there is no option for that in the military. I think people will poke some fun at it.

    there were so many great comebacks this and last week.

    We still have some time left till the song comes out

    (Wow i sound bitter)

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    What is something this man can't do? After 13 years into his career he looks young as ever, has the same energy as ever and never gets boring

    Taemin, started as a sweet 15 year old coconut head and has become an idol that doesn't just dance like a god, no he is more than that, he has also become koreas gender bender pretty man.

    There are no rules for Taemin and there are also no rules for you. If feeling good in your skin makes you this attractive and happy, then do whatever the heck you want

    But maybe you should only take your own advice, cause you know yourself the best.