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    no you are missing the point lmao. while tiffany grew up in america she moved to korea at the age of 15 and went to school in korea. That means she learned about korea in a korean high school. Tiffany is korean and went to a korean high school the gp was upset that she didnt know what would be considered basic korean history which is why she got such outrage. Also death threats isnt ok under any circumstance. That situation is no where near the same as sowon posing with the mannequin because even under western standards majority of us would not recognize that as a German ww2 attire. I even gave you a better example you could use in the usher situation but as i said the reaction if far more tame so i guess it doesent fit your false narrative smh.

    its not really comparable at all is the point lmao. most koreans are aware of what the rising flag looks like and aware of what it means. most people would not be able to identify that the mannequin was dressed in ww2 clothing. The koreans view what tiffany did as worse as i said because she is korean and they expect her to be able to identify the flag just how they shammed aoa group members when they couldnt identify the well known korean figures. The two situations just arent comparable. here is the nbuzz of korean comments about it as you can see its far less tame compared to backlash tffany got for clear reasons.…-rising.html#comment-form

    not really the same situation as you stated even though tiffany grew up in America she is korean and has lived in korea and promoted there for sometime now. Also it happened on national liberation day. a better comparison would be when usher wore a shirt with the rising sun flag on it.

    such a overblown controversy 90% of the world would not have recognized that was a german ww2 uniform and as for the kitler joke things like that are used all the time. grammer nazi, femanazi, ect. like people act like sinb is complementing her by callling her kitler. its a jokingly insult between friends.

    If yg+ gets bighit groups album sales aren’t they making more from this as we know blackpink doesn’t use vlive that much and will not with Weverse so isn’t yg winning bts alone sells like hotdog?

    im sure this is connected to the vlive thing

    big hut gets


    shares of yg plus

    and money from naver

    naver get

    49% of weverse

    yg plus

    gets money from weverse company and big hut

    plus they get to distribute and manufacture for big hut labels

    so excited for her solo i have also been going through her solo performances and stages and her songs from fantastic duo like i cant wait until its released :love::love::love: