We are not kidding when we say SM gets blamed for everything

  • Tax evasion was surely not buried, if you missed the scandal this year, you can go back a few years ago too, is a known fact, not only sm but all big 3 had a tax evasion and a lot of other big companies like Samsung, LG etc, while is a shitty thing, tax evasion is definitely not a unknown concept between companies and have been done countless times

    It’s reported and then forgotten. The media doesn’t create a narrative of an epidemic of big companies doing billion won tax fraud

    But they sure will make a lingering narrative about middle school girl bullying

  • What’s buried exactly? Those SM news were in the headlines for awhile; never been buried and it’s not even as big of a deal as the articles made it out to be. They have way too much coverage for the littlest SM artists news on these sites everyday so if anything these past SM shaming “articles” on pann and naver lately are the exact opposite of what you’re saying. But again I am talking to a known troll so I am not expecting a human response from you.

    Oh damn, I've little to say about the topic (that hasn't already been said a gazillion times) - but I post to say that I just love your Kakegurui sig.

    It's just utterly adorbs :omgr::lover1:

  • i see y'all only get mad at company conspiracy theories when its a company you stan artists from

    Why should I talk for everyone? I find all these conspiracies to be dumb and I never participated in them but I will talk about the stupidity of them especially when it is used to defame the artists I like.

    man it's funny how sm stans are always whining

    people talk shit about yg 24/7 and no one cares

    guys chill it's just a company no need to be super defensive about them

    But it’s not just about the company but the artists too.

    Sm has a dedicated defenses squad for things that don’t involve their idols and it’s weird. Yg, bighit and jyp have periods of getting dragged badly as well, especially yg. Sm isn’t special....

    if you have something to say about that you can make your own thread. I didn’t deny the other’s ridiculous ones and didn’t say SM artists/company are the only ones. You don’t need to get jealous over this.

    I will repeat myself once again

    Lee sooman oppar isnt gonna let any of you suck his peepee

    Idk why yall go to such lengths to defend him

    I can’t even talk about the ridiculousness of the situation without getting these gross comments.

    Overall to the other comments ^

    I didn’t give a fuck about the tax news and didn’t deny or defend it then or now because again idgaf. However, this blaming shit is something different. I bet you won’t shut up if kpopies randomly blamed Bighit for these bullying allegations with an excuse like “to divert the attention from their recent defect products scandal”. and if you talk against it you will be called a company stan with disgusting commentary like the last one above.

    How is that not related to the artists of SM when 1-it’s their company and 2-these kpopies come with bs like: “SM artists must be bullies but their company covers it”/ “the company is using other idols to cover up their own scandals”/ “the big company privilege is why they don’t have allegations-get away with it” and more. All when they have absolutely nothing to do with it.

    If I am not even supposed to address the stupidity even when it’s related to my favorite artists -because to you mocking that or talking about it, means I am stanning Lee Sooman- then what is your/their excuse for being this obsessed with a company?

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