Someone who dosn't speaks English?

  • Tell me the most funny thing someone who dosn't speaks English told you about the English language

    Basicly my grandma as I was 7 years old and we got a dog called "Bobby"

    Grandma: "What name do you gave the dog?"

    Me: "The animal shelter called him Bobby, we kept the name"

    Grandma: "That is English for Police officer, so was your dog at the British police?"

    Me: "Ah no grandma, and I don't think that they call their police officers in Britain "Bobby" I guess..."

    Grandma: "I have no idea, but ask your aunt, she is married to someone from Britain"


    Grandma: "Bobby is the Police in England right?"

    Aunt: "They arn't..."

    Grandma: "No no no... it's Bobby, like the new dog... you know"

    Aunt: sights "Ok mom...I guess I can't dissagree with you"

    Aunt's Scottish husband: "If you see it on a perspective that your mom was in London 20 years ago, she might be right at some point"

    Rest of the entire family who knows English or is even fluently: "It's "Police Officer" goddamn!"

  • I mean... It was technically a slang term for police officers way back, same with the word peelers...

    So she wasn't technically wrong lol

    *Shawol* VK Lover

  • I guess it wasn't about the English language specifically, but my grandma who never got to learn a second language, struggled with the concept of being able to understand a foreign language in general.

    She was like "you can really hear German words when somebody speaks English to you?" I told her that "no, I hear English words but I know what the words mean".

    She hesitated and thought about it for a moment before saying "So hearing English forms German sentences in your head?"

    I tried to explain that, when you speak a second language well enough, there is no translating back and forth anymore, you understand and speak without having to think about it. She concluded that I was pulling her leg and didn't have a clue either.

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