The Aespa and Nmixx stan fan wars will be CRAZY

  • Nmixx just shattered the jyp cute gg image and look at the outrage from everyone. The only way is up from here right?

    I don't think people care about jyp cute gg image more how the song ended up being executed. I really do look forward to their future because the girls have so much potential and I'm interested in what they will put out next.

  • Its something that was going to happen anyways, big 3 gg fandoms tend to bicker a lot. Sone vs Blackjack, Blink vs Once, MY vs Midzy, that betweens companys, but inside of them too, Reveluv vs Meu, Blackjack vs Blinks, and pretty sure at some point Midzy or Once will have problems with the Nmixx fandom. All these fandoms rivalries goes back to 1st gen with SES against other gg back then, and it is something that not only happens in kpop, western pop is the same thing with female popstars fanbases, is related to the competition induced by the media where Artist A and Artist B can't coexists because ones needs to be above other, mostly with female singers.

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