How does brand ranking works?

  • Some people say its irrelevant and doesn't reflect the actual popularity of a celeb while some say its not. I'm kinda confused. Can someone explain?

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  • a person decides it and then publishes it. its very subjective.

  • honestly the brand ranking is not really worth getting into but it does show what kind of production style, management culture, advertisement style, and resources available to promote the idol(s), imo

    The true appreciation for an idol really is irrelevant to that, considering stanning the idol is appreciating the person rather than the things affecting that person.

  • only midzys and onces say its irrelevant and everglow stans. Only cause their faves chart low or don't chart at all. Midzy were praising it when Itzy Yeji got 1 and onces used to praise it all time until twice started declining in Korea.

    The groups and idols who chart high are very inlined with popular Korean acts blackpink and aespa and SNSD.

  • On the basis of mentions of the group everywhere on social media. The interaction and how much they were talk of the town. Comebacks and being active in any form be it positive or negative can get you higher. It's both fueled by fans and the company and the public. Media play articles can influence the ranking too. It's not the absolute measure of defining popularity but not the most inaccurate either.

  • It’s mainly counting trends. Things like how many articles are created, how many views they get, how much buzz online there is on Korean social media etc. it’s nothing really special.

    However it does show who are the trending groups and idols for that time so I guess if your fave was popular brand index is the best thing since sliced bread or if your faves aren’t doing as well then it’s useless.

  • yes my faves are always on the list and my fandom takes it too seriously but its just a sketchy rando in charge of it…_citing_brand_reputation/

    I always knew it has something to do with trends. Like that one time jhope secured #2 on brand ranking because of his dance break at some award show and lisa also secured high rank during her solo. But some people think those who're not in top10 aren't famous at all.

  • Jennie always tops the brand ranking and she's the most popular female idol on sk so that says everything.

  • the top 10 is objective because most of the time they are the idols who make the most noise in Korea or are the most popular this days

    Look how when Brave girls start to become popular the members enter the top 10

    but after the top 10 you kinda see some random name

  • I had the samw thought in my mind that if its not legit how come jennie always tops it and now winter who's currently the most popular. I think its about how much talked about a member is.

    Yeah it's the most popular/trending idol.Only people whose faves aren't on top of the ranking'd say it's not legit.

  • no it doesnt of course the most obvious is going to be at the top. hes not going to make his biases that obvious, then no one will believe it :facepalm:

    Lmao not u being triggered because of it?ur faves must rank low.

    Idk, my fave Jimin has ranked #1 for 35 consecutive months in this.

    This,jimin is the most popular idol in sk and bts members always top the poll so i don't get why u still think it's fake.

  • Thanks guys for the info. Someone said fanbases write blogs /articles and then mass up vote them, mentions their favs everywhere on sns and that impacts their BR that's why i was kinda curious about how this whole thing works.

  • I think brand ranking works in the way like how trending works on twitter. If your name is being searched the most or more articles regarding you are appearing, you will rank higher. This helps company greatly when their idols are within the brand ranking, since it'll bring in more CF offers, dramas, movies, etc. It also helps the idol or actress/actors themselves. Essentially it shows the popularity of the person during a certain time period. That is why we see different celebs ranking every time, depending on if they had a movie coming out, new shows, comeback, etc. I think another way to look at it is if the amount of commercial deal a person have within a period of time. Those are my guesses.

    So if you have huge fanbase and all them fans search via your get the point.

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