HAN SEO HEE <-- PRISON Punishment Duration of 1.5 YEARS (Observations) ; 2021.11.20

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    HAN SEO HEE (ex-GF T.O.P) curses at the JUDGE after being

    sentenced to PRISON for *ONE YEAR plus 6 MONTHS* ; 2021.11.15

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    Changed the title of the thread from “New Thread ; Arriving *Very* Soon” to “HAN SEO HEE <-- PRISON Punishment Duration of 1.5 YEARS (Observations) ; 2021.11.20”.
  • "In October 2016, Han Seo Hee was sentenced to 3 years in prison and 4 years of probation for inhaling marijuana. Then in July last year, she tested positive for psychotropic drugs during her probation period and was detained at the probation office. At that time, Han Seo Hee claimed there was an error in the urine test and received a hair test at the National Forensics Institute. The hair test came back negative, and she was able to maintain her probation. However, the prosecution later charged Han Seo Hee with the use of Methamphetamine."

    Korean law is fucked up.

  • hokiedood <--

    I personally would NOT want to place someone in PRISON for a *long* duration in time , like 1.5 YEARS , *unless* a illegal drugs *HAIR TEST* (more accurate in that , IF you test as using illegal drugs , you *did* it , YOU ARE GUILTY) ... The illegal drugs Urine Test is a more 'quick and dirty' style of test (my view) ... Having said that ... HAN SEO HEE is being treated as *others* have been treated (mostly) ... In that , S.KOREA only requires the Urine Test failure , as a justification for PRISON Punishment time , IF the JUDGE decides on that.

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