Hypothetically speaking IF a major company debuted a....

  • Hypothetically speaking....If Top Tier companies like the Big3+BH or even second tier like Cube, FNC, Woollim, Starship etc debuted black trainee, how do you think it would go down for different fans? Ie Korean, Other East Asia (China/Japan) Southeast Asian, Western, South American (since those are the primary markets+ maybe ME studied in Egypt and they have a strong kpop fanbase but not crazy people). Also how different would the reactions be if this “trainee” was scouted or auditioned?

    I would say their would be 4 primary groups

    1. WOW Let me stan

    2. I don’t care for race only came for music

    3. The Asian Fetishizers(tag team with #4?)

    4. The Racists (tag team with #3?)

    Personally I think koreans would care the least and like them the most if they had an amazing voice/pro dancer since black artists are hella respected in korea (interesting cuz black people do be disrespected in the streets doe) and I think South American/Western fans would be the biggest issue since they’re probably the most racist imo and a lot have shown to be just asian fetishizers imo...yucky f*cks...

    I personally believe anyone can be in kpop, I don’t understand the whole “asian rep only” “go to the west” shit because Kpop is black music in Korean and it’s not Korean culture. I believe many of the non asians that say this imo are either 1. Racist or 2. Have an Asian fetish <X or 3. Run with what they hear. As for the asians who say this they are either 1. Not KOREAN (never seen another korean say this because it’s bull) 2. Also run with what they hear or 3. Also racist.

    Like I said this whole argument that it’s for asian representation is quite literally a mess, because while it does give us representation it shouldn’t be exclusive to Asians, because of the oblivious fact that Kpop is black music (REAL culture) in Korean. If we were truly dying for representation (which we weren’t at least in korea obvs) we should’ve used our own shit not take it completely from black music or other black inspired music (jpop lmao hate the “it came from jpop” argument as if jpop didn’t come from rock which is another black genre). Black people shouldnt always be on the giving end and should also receive some love like.. letting them participate in a music genre (subgenre?) that stems from their culture...like we aren’t culture vultures right dear asian reps gang?

    I would also like to refute the “ stylist” “makeup artist” bull too because if companies can find black lyricists, producers, choreographers, coaches etc they can EASILY find black mua and stylists, like bish go ANYWHERE literally ANYWHERE

    Again...calm discourse... if you’re racist exit pls...if you have an asian fetish exit pls...

    Anyway we all know kpop will never be dominated by nonasians so please don’t even start with that...


  • samtanvan

    Changed the title of the thread from “Hypothetically speaking IF the a major company debuted a....” to “Hypothetically speaking IF a major company debuted a....”.
  • I want to give an optimistic answer, still I know the ugly reaction of how it would go down, some demographics and countries would obviously love it, and the others, it would be sneaky racist remarks

    but regarding this bit, I feel like people would open their eyes more if a non-ethnic asian, though still someone with a korean nationality first made their way into a big company and under a group. That way they can't complain.

    " I personally believe anyone can be in kpop, I don’t understand the whole “asian rep only” “go to the west” shit because Kpop is black music in Korean and it’s not Korean culture."

  • That would be cool, I have an uzbek and an indian friend who are thinking about, some company almost debuted a kazakh but she quit, koreans liked her a lot.

  • well if she's pretty and can sing and dance and rap then why not...

    because it would bring the group a lot of attention especially if its not a nugu group or nugu company

  • well there would be a group who said cool their black so let me bow down, and one who said ew their black get out, and one who said I can't name any idols name so who tf is this and why yall care and then people who are somewhere in between them all

    Although, black people are respected in Korea just as everyone who works hard and does what they are supposed to is respected in korea, it's not because they are black

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