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    Well I’m clearly an engene, a blasian one on top of it, and I have no reason to lie, but I hear the nword, with a hard r.

    I hear two different voices, one presumably Heeseung singing SZA’s Galore. The line goes “skrt skrt N*gga”, but I’m hearing “skrt skrt n*gger”. When I hear “nword”, at the end of it, with a softer and more quieter voice, I hear Jungwons voice go “saranghae”. Then Immediately after Jake pulls Heeseung into the camera.

    I heard this when I was first watching the video a few days ago, a little before it started gaining traction. I was like “are my ears deceiving me or did I just hear someone say the nword”. I thought it was either heeseung or jay initially. Then well like next day and my twitter feed is out of control. I don’t know how people don’t hear it but I think Belift should just address it, someone also needs to address these rabid anti-black fans. Literally if that s*icide is true then that is truly heartbreaking.

    I've heard two different things

    -The member was saying the n-word and that Belift needs to address it

    -The member was instead singing in Korean and this is getting super blown out of proportion

    Anyone know which it actually is? I'm not playing that clip with family in the room

    I’m an engene and I’m blasian, I believe there were two people singing. One sang a song by SZA that does “skrt skrt n*gga” and another was singing a korean song that’s where the random “sarang” came from.

    I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t think this is true at all.

    1. Jeongyeon is the worst example, koreans all know she’s sick, she’s suffering from a herniated disc. Especially since twice is an established group snd they’ve made a name for themselves already they are gonna be shielded.

    2. There were always idols that gained weight since forever, literally most idols debut skinner then they are now. Also, “thick” idols have always been liked, there is a term called “honey thighs” and this is what koreans find “ideal” rather than stick skinny.

    I wish this would change of course but korea is the most “lookist” society on the planet. I would say otherwise but kids my age still criticize themselves over their weight and they also do that to celebs. They’re just less rude than the older gen.

    The only thing that’s probably changed or is in the process of changing is actively shunning idols about their weight on live TV. Not that this was ever okay but I think all people are becoming aware, including the annoying ilbe men who make these comments.

    I hope the people who say they are fighting against racism are genuine, when being against racism is trending many people love to jump on to make themselves look good.

    As a blasian who lived in America, the kids who used to call me “african booty scratcher”, “ling ling and “sharkesha/felicia ling ling” are now posting “StopAsianHate” and “BLM” for their aesthetic Instagram feed. Props to these writers, I wonder how many people read this. Is this only on BTS weverse or the main page with the other groups as well?


    I agree with this but can someone clarify something? Asian Americans are fighting against the model minority myth, because it is disadvantageous towards asians and it is used against other minorities. So why are you they using the “model minority” argument, when I lived in America this was something only close minded asian parents believed in? Asian youth fight against this but they are using “model minority” like it’s a good thing?

    Maybe I’m confused because I’m from Asia and do not completely understand but the reason this “model minority myth” exists is because when there was an influx of Asian immigrants, America picked out the successful ones who were already educated or had wealth. That’s why Indians/Chinese are considered successful but groups like Vietnamese were not “hand picked” and most were poor refugees fleeing war.

    I got the news from Twitter after wondering why a specific hashtag was trending

    A refugee who illegally is living in Germany since 2015 just attacked multiple people in Würzburg. It's suposed to be a islamic attack. The guy murdered 3 people and injured 6 others

    Islamic attack my ass, bruh this dude is mentally ill. He was at a psychiatric hospital last year and then earlier this month as well, the dude is clearly ill, even the police can’t find a motive. He’s a psycho that’s also homeless

    As a Half Somali/Half Korean, my two separate worlds have truly collided.

    Mogadishu is a new movie that will air this summer, it’ll be very popular considering it will be Jo In-Sung’s first big screen movie in over two years.

    From “Black hawk down” to “Captain Phillip” Somalis have been depicted and stereotyped as backward barbaric savages in need of the white mans help. They always cast non-somalis that look like they’re dying and have them speak gibberish. I mean imagine a movie in china where they have a vietnamese play the chinese role and go “ching chong ling long”? Quite racist.

    Now Korea is making a movie about Koreans escaping Somalia after civil war broke out in 1991. Both the North and South Korean embassies will help each other to escape. Reality is people who worked at embassies were air lifted out of Somalia IMMEDIATELY. The people who struggled were MY people, hundreds of thousands killed, and millions displaced worldwide. We’ve always been the butt of the joke and mocked out for the past 20 years because of this horrid movies (thanks hollywood 😑)

    Currently there are no known Somali actors in this movie which is interesting because Koreans hate when non-Koreans play koreans in western media. It’s also being filmed in Morocco, somalia obviously isn’t safe. I think Morocco is a good idea because it kinda looks like Somalia pre-war. Somalia’s nicknames back then were “White pearl of the Indian ocean” “lions of africa” and “Switzerland of Africa”. We are human too, after 30 years if war Somalia has finally started to have economic development, we’ve discovered more oil than some wealthy middle eastern countries could ever dream about. I hope korea doesn’t protray my other half as some barbaric dirty africans. Somalis have already started to boycott the movie because they believe korea doesn’t have the right to profit off of somali trauma.

    What do you think?

    I honestly can't take anything you say seriously because you sound like an obsessed Sakura Anti :rolleyes:

    It’s true I don’t like her. She’s one of the few idols I’ve disliked in my decade of kpop.

    I don’t see anything wrong with disliking someone like her, I don’t go out of my way to hate on her either. This is the first time I’ve publicly expressed my dislike for her despite being on here for several months, so no, I’m not an obsessed Sakura anti. I’m criticizing someone criticism-worthy.

    I don’t care about the rest of your points but I think that a 17 year old minor trying to get to center by asking someone much older than them speaks more about the culture of idol groups and predatory behavior than about the idol. Just saying.

    Lol I know many Japanese idols do this, everyone knows Japan is filled with “legal” predators.

    That part was quite obvious, but that wasn’t the point.

    In situations like this where different views meet in a confrontational manner. You often see that some people who preach more tolerance and understanding are very intolerant and less understanding themself.

    When you think your views are superior, different opinions or positions than yours will be met with hostility, cause your cognitive dissonance isn’t allowing you to challenge your own views.

    Indeed sometimes you see no difference between how they engage and the ones they are criticizing.

    Agreed. They’re the same people but different fonts.

    29123C1D-2A36-4D6A-A815-DA53F83E4F32.jpegBDB0F069-0017-48FC-89C6-F2AF38C3C960.jpegD4020482-63E0-4217-915B-5415D96F1EC4.jpeg people not know that South Korea in general was favorable towards Trump? There was literally an article about it on the homepage during the election that a good portion of the people didn't want Biden to be elected.

    Hell even Japan had rallies to support Trump.

    There’s a big difference between supporting Biden/Obama and Trump in Korea vs USA.

    Koreans don’t believe that Trump is “good” or “right”, they only preferred him over Obama or just Democrats in general because we don’t want people that piss of North Korea. This is what Obama did, he screwed us over with the hoe in Pyongyang. We just want someone who won’t piss off Jung-un. And that person happened to be Trump. Not that we knew what Biden would be like but he was associated with Obama as VP.

    Koreans think Trump is a pyscho, he insulted Korea when he talked shit about Parasite. Koreans don’t view him favorably as a person or a president but he just didn’t piss NK off.

    It’s selfish but it’s not like Americans care for MILLIONS of middle easterners being killed by their presidents either. Every man for themselves. SK doesn’t stand a chance against Nuclear warhead neighbors so we go the clean root politically but talk shit view Social media.

    Right I used to be a liberal until I discovered what was under the iceberg. Their all the same at the end of the day. I dislike liberals the same way I dislike conservatives.

    I’m for the non-existent I-don’t-like-taking-advantage-of-people-and-overthrowing-governments-and-forcing-democracy-on-countries-that-don’t-want-it-just-for-American-gain-and-I-don’t-bomb-Middle-Eastern-and-African-countries-back-to-the-stone-age-for-their-resources-under-the-guise-of-terrorism-when-in-fact-America-is-the-real-terrorist-but-I-like-to-cry-victim-when-people-retaliate party. Lol that was long.