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    Koreans seems to be extremely unaware of USA celebrities life besides their music. They are indeed unaware to even the music part, their knowledge about western singers is overall very limited

    I also don't think they hold judgment towards foreigns like they do towards their own kind or other asians. I guess most of them are like whatever if Chris Brown beaten Rihanna 13 years ago, I'm 100% sure they would NEVER praise a Korean celebrity with the same history

    They’re very aware when they are racist towards asians tho.

    Also many koreans think any non asian celeb that dates an asian has yellow fever 😭

    People on pann, naver, theqoo(!) kept saying post malone has yellow fever for dating MLMA who’s korean.

    Let me fix the beginnign part for you.

    Koreans kiss ass to white people, shit on black people, south asians ans south east asians and blame all their problems on SEA. They’re meh about Hispanics.

    Let me add the song he was singing was his own song and switched the words up

    British tabloid newspaper The Sun was first to report on the new footage, which features the singer using the N-word in "One Less Lonely Girl" (altering the hook to be "One Less Lonely N-----"), joking about killing black people and entertaining the idea of joining the Ku Klux Klan. Bieber seated and wearing a dog tag and a dark blue shirt, and he sings unaccompanied, repeatedly weaving the racial slur into the lyrics of his 2009 hit

    My lord....if this was about asians instead of black people they would have banished him from korea. Koreans truly don’t give af for anyone else.

    Just look at this comments after a korean-american man was killed by a balck man in a home invasion last year. It’s a struggle being a blasian korean to say the least. To be fair this was an article from a “right-wing male dominated site that loves donald trump”. Half of korean males are trump-loving Blue Live Matters, All live matters dickheads, like the rednecks you find on twitter.

    1. [+1,430, -23] That's why black people are treated like that. According to federal statistics, more than half of all violent prisoners are blacks. Blacks make up about 15% of American population.
    2. [+838, -12] Black people are the ones that are racist to asians.The same black people calling us out for black face are the same ones writing posts using problematic "Kpop tags" and saying Koreans need to educate themselves...
    3. [+574, -9] Black people only care about black lives..
    4. [+262, -6] Ah~whenever these criminals get killed they always come out protesting saying they're suppressed. But whenever an Asian is killed or assaulted they go quiet. Ugh ~makes me so sad and angry.
    5. [+284, -78] Anti-racism? Don't make me laugh...blacks will forever to be slaves to whites. They must keep being discriminated against...forever.
    6. [+51, -0] The criminal that burned and killed a Korean American engineering professor at Arizona State University this summer was also black...the person suspected of pushing a Korean American to death in the train tracks at a New York subway in 2012 was also black. And yet he was found not guilty because of "insufficient evidence"
    7. [+31, -5] This is why I hate black people. They're only faithful to their instincts. They're not rational people. They don't have emotions.
    8. [+19, -0] Where are all those celebrities that kept saying Black Lives matter??!

    Comment did they tie a korean death to Sam Okyere? Logic≠hannams

    She started dating him when he was 17-18 and she was 28-29.

    These definitely seems like it has two sides, I don’t know why she would being this to the public.

    Feel bad for the child, they both seem to be trash along with the grandma.

    I didn’t know whether he’s against the CCP or not. I don’t keep up with anything. All I know is that he is one of the idols who has a controversy connected to China. I never really took the time to actually read into the current events on what is happened.

    Wasn’t thinking and I trivialized the severity of his stance. I apologize for the lackadaisical conclusion.

    It’s all good, don’t think it’s something to apologize for. We all hear things.

    Is having a girlfriend and/or wife so bad that you are a failure as idol if you have one ? Lol

    I don’t think OP meant it that way, koreans (delulus who are a huge margin of domestic fans) take it that way. Koreans don’t really “appreciate” parenthood, the way they should be tbh...they diss mothers for giving attention to their children and people will skoll at them if they are in public with their kids or give them affection, they have this internet slang called mom-choong (choong means bug/insect). Korea is like the only country on this planet that gives such disrespect to parents, that’s why we are about to send ourselves into a declining population. They’re in a different dimension compared to my other half, somali, where in somali culture parents especially AND especially mothers are given the most respect in the world more than the president and anybody else, they say the gate to heaven is under your mothers feet. So they think koreans are crazy.


    (Oops, sorry for the rant, idrc if my fellow koreans are offended bcuz alot of koreans are truly like this and it needs to be called out)

    Battling you say? More like he’s completely compliant and actually believes in it the most out of the current list of idols supporting the CCP. He was the first one cutting contracts over trivial matters like Taiwan on the list of countries, even with korean companies years before others followed suit.

    Don’t give this “male” any bogus excuses. Would you be giving a compliant nazi an excuse during the Holocaust? Fans istg...

    Thank you so much for this explanation. I'll admit that I couldn't really see what could go wrong with this story until the end with this:

    After looking Chun Young Cho up and seeing how extraordinary her life is, I can see where the concern lies. I hope that the showrunners will take care to make sure that their Young Cho is a young woman that lives up to her namesake.

    Extra: young cho survived and her husband was killed. She is still alive but due to an accident she lost her eyesight and 70% of her brain capacity, she’s been receiving life long treatment

    I’m tired of this bullshit

    First, it was Yuna hates yeji ,now chaeryeong isn’t close to Yeji like most of you don’t even watch itzy and have the audacity to question their friendship dynamics. Itzy is doing fine and they are literally very supportive to chaeryeong, there’s no day they don’t praise her for visuals, skills etc. So I will skip the fake concern


    Holy shit there’s a season 3...

    Also BLM is slightly more recent. As in, it's ongoing. I get what they're trying to say, however the Civil Rights Movement, or maye issues of the 90s and 80s is a hell of a lot more accurate to their feelings than something that is still a movement.

    I get what you’re saying, and I don’t know why people are brining up BLM. But technically, our issue with democracy isn’t concrete. The korean war never actually’s technically still an ongoing war. SK/NK pledged to sign a treaty in 2018 to officially end the war but nothing has happened since.

    That’s why Koreans care so much about American elections...they don’t want a president that’s gonna screw us over and piss NK off so they can airstrike us (they threaten us ALOT). People haven’t really “healed” yet cuz we have NK threatening us still and we have things like mandatory military service