[Pann] I would have watched BLACKPINK’s online concert even if it was 100,000 won

  • (T/N: 100,000 won is around 90 USD or £65)

    They rearranged all the songs, changed the choreography and had a f*cking ton of stage sets with band arrangements. The VCR quality for every song was hella solid and the styling, hair and make-up were all crazy. Rosé’s solo was hella good.

    Wasn’t the ticket price too cheap? For 36,000 won (T/N: around 32 USD or £23) you can watch the concert real-time and the replays will be done via live-streaming 8 times

    I really liked the ‘Don’t Know What To Do’ arrangement. F*ck all four of them came out of some Elsa cave looking place and held standing mics and destroyed the high pitch, I almost died

    Plus)) Jennie wrote her Solo rap and Jisoo usually does sing pop songs but this time she wrote lyrics in Korean and sang ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I really like the lyrics

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    1. [+68][-17] But the seriously amazing thing about Jisoo is that she was filming for her drama and preparing for the online concert at the same time… She was seriously born with that kind of effort and is a genius hard worker…

    2. [+50][-4] I think Jisoo wrote the Korean lyrics to her solo song – “I wake up alone in the world I created with you” – wow… it’s insane

    3. [+44][-6] Yayayayayayaaaa it was just insane. My money was put to good use. The arrangements were so fun and Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du was wow… the water, wow… wow… the fire… wow…

    Screenshot 2021-01-31 at 11.08.31

    4. [+35][-8] Kim Jisoo is amazing for trending 2nd worldwide

    Screenshot 2021-01-31 at 11.08.26

    5. [+31][-12] Did everyone see Love to Hate Me blending in to You Never Know??? That part was legendary

    6. [+29][-3] Jisoo’s solo is a song called Habits (a pop song) and I think Jisoo wrote the Korean parts. The lyrics are insane


    [Korean lyrics:

    I wake up alone in the world I created with you (x2)

    Like a habit, I check my empty space again (x2)

    Frozen in the delayed winter (x2)

    It stopped with my memories which have turned black and white

    The rain still comes through the umbrella you gave me

    Why can’t I leave this place that you’ve left?]

    7. [+27][-4] Goddess


    8. [+25][-3] Cute ㅠㅠ Hella pretty

    Screenshot 2021-01-31 at 11.08.01

    I agree was most likely too cheap and when so few buy it anyways might as well increase price next time I guess lmfao.

    The only downside of the show was some parts were overly dark.

    Imagine if YG allowed BP to perform D4 at a award show..

  • I think the price of online concerts is super reasonable and would be willing to pay more also.

    The effort and stage quality is usually so high and interesting and its not like its sometbing they are dropping every other month right?

    Its usually a one or two time thing so its well wrth paying for.

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