Son Naeun shares new profile pictures as an actress under YG

  • Son Naeun shares new profile pictures as an actress under YG




    Article: Son Naeun's new profile picture after transferring to YG as an 'actress'

    Source: Insight via Instagram

    1. [+287] Her face changes more and more...

    2. [+227] Why does her face look so different...

    3. [+81] If she wants to be an actress, why not sign with an acting focused agency? Why YG...

    4. [+52] She was way prettier before the surgery ㅠ

    5. [+36] Ehh..

    6. [+25] Look at all of these people judging her looks;;

    7. [+27] It's not like she caused any of YG's scandals, what's so wrong with her signing with them if she finds their conditions favorable? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ She's getting way more hate than is warranted just because she's under YG now.

    8. [+18] Naeun-ah, what happened ㅜㅜㅜㅜ all of these pictures are bad

    9. [+28] Her face overall looks a bit different, especially around her nose..

    10. [+11] She looks like a different person every time we see her. I remember really hating her awkward acting in 'My Kids Give Me a Headache'... Well, I hope her acting has changed as much as her face.

    Source: Insight via Instagram

    1. [+500] Her old face is gone.. or did they not photoshop this enough?

    2. [+496] Her face... is different...

    3. [+365] Her lips...... why...;;

    4. [+219] Something looks awkward

    5. [+160] Her acting was already known for being terrible in her last historical drama so why is she choosing to get into acting? Just stick to being an idol.. 😢

  • going to beat namjoo in plastic recycling

  • With those comments,you have to consider the source and the type of demographic that posts there. These are most likely teenage Kpop fans not GP.

    YG is more than a music label and a name known in Korea for acting, modeling, TV production and other various businesses, so it stands to reason these comments are just Kpop fans that don't know YG outside of just the music label.

    The response on the 40 or so articles on Naver have been overwhelmingly positive.

    YG has perhaps the most impressive actor roster in the industry and they keep re-signing because they are marketed well and constantly stay booked with TV, movies and CFs.

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