It irks me how pretty privilege plays a huge part in cancelling (Irene rant)

  • unstan her, like that's the least you could do, but you are blinded by her beauty to do it. You people are weak. :pepe-hehe:

    if Baekhyun did what she did I would unstan him, just like I unstanned Chanyeol. I would be disgusted.

    Too good for me tho, Baekhyun is an actual angel. :pepe-sad:

    I don't stan RV :/ yet I still have enough intelligence to understand that she's paying for her mistake

    Also: If I wanted to stan her I would, and I wouldn't feel bad. She made a mistake and apologized, again since the victim moved on so should you (who had nothing to do with it in the first place).

  • Irene has apologized, and the victim accepted her apology. I have no idea why this is still being brought up, but I do agree with you OP. Pretty privilege is real, and so many shitty people get away with shitty things because they’re attractive. However, I do think that Irene has been through enough. She got a lot of hate, and she’s still currently on hiatus I believe.

  • would you say the same thing if that was your mother being bullied for straight 15 mins? Bad day!!! Too many directors, coordies and choreographers outed her, it's not a bad day. She is always been like that. Lmao "it's just a bad day" :pepe-clown-gear:

    1-I think you have the wrong understanding of the word bully.

    2- The personne involved in this accepted her apology and moved on

    I feel like you guys want her to disappear from the entertainment scene, there are people who did much worse and they still have their careers so yeah.

  • The problem is, she still has a lot of stans who can‘t see past her beauty. For fuck‘s sake, SHE WASN‘T REVEALED TO HAVE MADE ONE SINGLE MISTAKE, SHE WAS OUTED AS AN AWFUL PERSON OVERALL. How else can I spell it? One doesn‘t move on from having abused staff for fucking years whilst being in her late 20‘s (and being prfectly aware of what she was doing) with a lukewarm apology. She shouldn‘t be crucified, she should disappear from the public eye and stop being revered by fans. Same as other idols with abusive attitude. Imagine how every person in a lesser position than hers that has suffered from her toxicity must feel when they see her elevated to the heavens and back...

  • Well for one you are right but her reputation and image has been ruined. It’s why she had to change her image up during the event interview for her movie. And with the bullying scandals going on in South Korea and Seo Yeji being rude to her staff Irene’s name still gets mentioned and dragged. They are still holding her accountable.

    Before I thought she would get away with it because it honestly looked like that seeing how SM tried to push her back into the spotlight with the live performances shows and the event interview I mentioned above but not anymore.

    Anyway, she’s not my bias so I don’t care. In k-pop most of our faves personalities are fake so y’all need to keep a barrier on what’s real and what’s not.



  • Though I agree and get annoyed that her fans still treat her like an angel that had a bad day, she did pay for her attitude by losing some of her jobs.

    Though people shouldn’t get mad if Irene gets and continuously get dragged for her exposed behavior. She did it to herself, she just lucked out since she got exposed.

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