Is Sejeong now the most successful post-IOI member?

  • We all thought it was Chungha(especially after Gotta Go), but her singles don't seem to be making much noise post-Bad Boy or even PLAY(if charts are any indication).

    Sejeong was in The Uncanny Counter, which was a pretty popular drama both in Korea(average rating of 7%) and overseas. She was also on Busted!(a variety show with 3 seasons) for a few episodes along with Sehun, Yoo Jaesuk etc. Arguably, we would need to wait for her future acting endavors, but she's doing pretty well so far.


    She's a part of the main cast in Busted, not just "for a few episodes".

    It's 1A and 1B between Chungha and Sejeong imo.

    Sejeong has had more activities in variety and acting, and she's only just getting started in solo music.

    Chungha mainly focuses on music, and some variety. Chungha is clearly more recognised in music

  • Wasn't she blacklisted and eaten alive by Cnetz after one of the biggest actresses in China came for her? I have no idea how she's doing cause this is all I know, but I won't doubt her popularity.

    Noooo. She did receive some backlash but the drama aired peacefully and she gained more popularity after that. Zhao Liying also didn’t directly mention her, she was mainly shading the writers who were changing the script and cutting her scenes.

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