Comebacks and debuts I didn’t like

  • This isn’t really songs I didn’t like it’s just the whole comeback as a whole, like the dance, the styling, everything. I’m not giving explanations because I am lazy.

    1. D4 and KTL. I only liked the MVs.

    2. ON BTS. Big hit promoted it so weird,

    3. On the ground. maybe I’ll like the debut in a couple months if it grows on me.

    4. More and More. The song is nice, the MV was okay, we didn’t really need it as a cb tbh.

    5. My treasure by treasure. I can’t remember how the song even goes.

    6. Mago. The MV is nice the song is not.

    7. What type of X by Jessi. I like the song but it’s so....over the top. Like the chorus is so distracting from everything else. I don’t really like the stages for it either.

    8. Bicycle by Chungha. X and this song are really nothing special to me. I already forgot about the cb as a whole.

    9. Ponzona by purple kiss. I liked my heart skip a beat and the other pre release better than this. It’s basic and we’ve seen it before.

    10. Spit it out Solar. The MVs concept did not correlate to the songs vibe. The dark edginess made me not like the song. It should have been like starry night concept.

    11. 100 ways Jackson wang. Idk this song makes me angry a lot.

    12. Doom doom ta

    13. Wings by Pixy

    14. I like you by Ciipher.

    15. Given-taken. The sound of the song doesn’t sit with me, idk why. The MV is cool but could be scarier.

    16. Odd eye by dream catcher. It’s ok.

    17. Kick back by wayV. The chorus is the only part I like. It’s predictable. It’s not bad but just...there.

    18. So what and Why not LOONA. BBC bring back their old concepts and songs before so what. What happened to butterfly... hi high....

  • I agree with a lot of them, especially Chungha. It was a long wait just for a mediocre comeback song. Her pre releases were better. The only one I can't agree with is More & More because I love that song so much! :pepemusic:

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