Jpop music on Korean Charts

  • I've noticed J-Pop tracking on Circle/Melon lately and I wonder what sparked this.

    At first I saw Kick Back charting on Circle after Chainsaw Man came out and I assumed it was just a specific show getting popular, but then in February Lemon by the same artist (Kenshi Yonezu) started charting as well. I figured it was people just going through his catalog after discovering him since that was his biggest hit. But then all of a sudden I see Aimyon charting even higher with Ai wo Tsutaetai Datoka and I am just confused with what is happening here. This is a very old track and I am unaware of any reason why this song would start trending there all of a sudden. Was it featured in a movie or show? J-Pop has almost entirely been ignored in Korea for as long as I've been paying attention to the charts so it feels noteworthy.

  • that's pretty interesting. i don't really look at charts all that much, so this is only tangentially, but I've noticed korean comments increasing on some jpop videos

    a prime example is

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    some even state the video went viral in korea.

    there was a time i think this type of performance would have been mocked in korea

  • but I've noticed korean comments increasing on some jpop videos

    I mainly see it on newer boygroups

    JO1 and INI for example have like at least 10% Korean coments on their videos. Not sure if it is cause their company belongs to Mnet and therefore they get pushed into Korea like they apear on Korean YT-channels all the time but well IDK

    But I saw it on other groups too, especially when one member is half/fully Korean or knows Korean than the chance to see Korean comments is also bigger as it look

    And yeah I see it a lot under new boygroups

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