• INI (アイエヌアイ) is an 11 member big J-Pop Boy Group. The group was founded through the second Japanese season of the popular survival show "Produce 101" with the goal to debut an 11 member big group through a voting system where viewers vote between 101 participants from all over the country.

    The group is signed with Lapone Entertainment, a joint company between Yoshimoto Kogyo and CJ, E&M.

    INI will make their debut with their first single "A" on November, 3rd 2021.

    The group's name, INI, was chosen by Lapone Entertainment among the suggestions given by "National Producers" through Produce 101 Japan's official website. According to the suggestion, INI stands for "Connecting members (I) and you (I) with Network (N)". The name was announced during the final episode of the show.


    INI was formed through the reality competition show Produce 101 Japan from April 8th to June 13th, 2021. Due to COVID the second season only contained out of 60 participants this time. As like in the previous season, the final 11 were chosen by viewers through online voting and announced via live television broadcast on TBS.


    Even before their official debut, INI endorsed and collaborated with Adidas. They also worked together with other brands as like Dior.


    Kimura Masaya (木村 柾哉)

    Born: October 10th, 1997
    Height: 1,75m
    Weight: 60kg
    Position: Lead
    er, Main Dancer
    Nishi Hiroto (西 洸人)

    Born: June 1st, 1997
    Height: 1,73m
    Weight: 64kg
    Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer
    Xu Fengfan (許 豊凡)

    Born: June 12th, 1998
    Height: 1,76m
    Weight: 58kg
    Position: Lead Vocalist
    Tajima Shogo (田島 将吾)

    Born: October 13th, 1998
    Height: 1,79m
    Weight: 60kg
    Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer
    Takatsuka Hiromu (髙塚 大夢)

    Born: April 4th, 1999
    Height: 1,67m
    Weight: 49kg
    Position: Main Vocalist
    Goto Takeru (後藤 威尊)

    Born: June 3rd, 1999
    Height: 1,76m
    Weight: 56kg
    Position: Lead Rapper
    Ozaki Takumi (尾崎 匠海)

    Born: June 14th, 1999
    Height: 1,63m
    Weight: 60kg
    Position: Main Vocalist
    Fujimaki Kyosuke (藤牧 京介)

    Born: August 10th, 1999
    Height: 1,68m
    Weight: 58kg
    Position: Lead Vocalist
    Sano Yudai (佐野 雄大)

    Born: October 10th, 2000
    Height: 1,78m
    Weight: 58kg
    Position: Lead Vocalist

    Ikezaki Rihito (池﨑 理人)

    Born: August 30th, 2001
    Height: 1,78m
    Weight: 63kg
    Position: Main Rapper
    Matsuda Jin (松田 迅)

    Born: October 30th, 2002
    Height: 1,71m
    Weight: 51kg
    Position: Lead Vocalist


    Year Award Show Cathegory Result
    2021 Mnet Asian Music Award Favourite Asian Artist Won
    2021 63rd Japan Record Award Best New Artist Won
    2021 LINE MUSIC 2021 Trend Award Trend Artist Won
    2022 Japan Gold Disc Award 2022 Best 5 New Artists Won
    2022 MTV Video Music Award Japan 2022 Best New Artist Video Won
    2023 Mnet Asian Music Award Favourite Asian Artist Won