The Problem With 4th Gen Girl Groups

  • Yea, but there was still a lot more variation and the variation was more noticeable and easier to distinguish, because there wasn’t nearly as many groups debuting a year. Now almost every week someone new is debuting. It’s overwhelming and it becomes harder to pin point unique enough differences to choose a star. Same issue with 4th Gen boy groups.

    Yeas of course that in the 4th Generation more Groups debut because the Kpop industry are growing and growing so everyone want a bit of the cake. And sure that there was more variation in the other Kpop Generation because there was more concept that was never try before but in the 4th Generation nearly every concept is already done by one or two groups.

    Sure that that a lot of group are similar and because of the mass of group they all blend in but it also was like in the 3rd Generation.

    I mean I don't know how many group debut but we a know that there where a lot if groups that debut in the 3rd Generation and really only a Handful of groups really stand out.

    And this will also happen in the 4th Generation there be will be groups that standout of the mass. And these group will represent the 4th Generation.

  • Problem is not that girl crush is overused. It's that all the girl crush concepts seem manufactured with an eye to appealing to the international market and seem inauthentic. Rather than being true to who the girls are.

    Let's be real : if you are barely out of middle school and you got to debut because you were a model trainee and listened obediently for years to your CEO who is almost invariably a middle-aged man, seeing you swing a bat in an MV and trying to act strong independent woman seems really false.

    Cute concept isn't making a comeback because Girlcrush is overused. IZONE, Twice and more recently Weeekly succeeded with their cute/teencrush/fresh concepts because it feels more authentic to what an early teenage S Korean girl really is like.

    The Future of K-Pop


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