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    Hello, this is ENHYPEN’s Jay.

    I’m writing this because I want to deeply apologize once again for using the wrong expressions and misrepresenting our nation’s history during our Weverse Live on January 10.

    I apologize for the fact that, without knowing enough about our nation’s deep history, I misrepresented it due to my lacking vocabulary. At the time of the live broadcast, I was expressing my thoughts on Korean history based only on the limited material I had encountered, and I didn’t realize that I could be conveying the wrong message. Although the fellow member who was with me tried to fix this, I was too careless at the time to realize that.

    Also, my choice of words in my previous apology was very lacking. I should have been more careful in deciding what to say, and I apologize for this as well. Using the wrong expressions and misrepresenting our nation’s long history when I don’t even have the vocabulary to properly express my apologetic feelings was truly thoughtless behavior.

    After the Weverse live and my previous post, I realized the weight of my mistake while reading the words of ENGENE [ENHYPEN’s fans] and many people, and my heart ached. I felt how my mistake could grow into a huge problem, and I reflected on my mistake. However, I also felt that this wasn’t a matter that could be solved only by self-reflection, and in order to make right something that started with my words, I thought I needed to properly acknowledge my wrongdoing and make another apology. I thought that there shouldn’t be another lacking choice of expression in this apology as well, so I pondered over it and wound up posting this message a bit late.

    I’m still thinking about and wondering what I should do to avoid repeating this kind of mistake again. I think the ideas I’ve thought of up until now are still lacking. I will ponder it more deeply, and I want to consistently show you my efforts through actions rather than words. I will make an effort in the future to become a careful person who listens to what many people have to say.

    Because it seems that I have caused great damage to our group through my lacking expressions, I am sincerely sorry to the ENHYPEN members and the ENGENE who love us. I will make an effort to not only say this with words, but to actually become a better person and stand before ENGENE.

    original post: here

    1. You're too late~~ where's the proof that you wrote it yourself?

    2. Had you written like that on your first apology, you wouldn't have gotten as much hate

    3. Seriously it's too obvious that someone else wrote it for him... He's being half ass until the end

    4. So he paid someone to apologize for himㅎ

    5. You're not supposed to just say you're sorry, but that you have spread misinformation!!!!!!!

    6. Looks like he needs to go to the army to reflectㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    7. Isn't it way too obvious that someone wrote it for him...
    This makes the last apology more sincereㅋ Since he actually wrote it himself

    8. you should've gotten the approval from the company before posting that first apology.
    Did he release that apology by himself in the middle of the night? It's my first time seeing someone apologize like that

    9. Ugh... Too late... What are you going to do about all of those i-roaches who are running with it now?

    10. Isn't this f*cking too late? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Go study a bit of history before thinking about filming another contentㅋㅋㅋ

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